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Horse Trailers in Canada

If you are a resident of Canada and would like to purchase a custom trailer from Double D Trailers, you will love this delivery option.  Double D Trailers provides flat rate delivery to any US location for $395.  Simply meet our driver at the nearest US / Canadian border for an easy way to acquire your new trailer. We've sold a number of trailers over the years to satisfied Canadians.

Horse Trailers in Canada

What Fees are Due when I import a horse trailer into Canada?

The only fees due to Double D Trailers for your new trailer will be the price shown on the website (US$) and a flat delivery fee of $395.  You will be provided with a full photo review of 30-50 photos so you can approve your new trailer design before it leaves for delivery. You will need to contact your nearest border for a fee quote on Canadian GST for your local province.

What Payment Terms are available for Canadian Horse Trailer Buyers?

  • You may finance at your local bank. Unfortunately, No financing is available for Canadian residents by US banks due to federal lending regulations.
  • Double D Trailers requires a 20% deposit and the balance due before the trailer leaves for delivery.  Payment is accepted through bank wire transfer.
  • Any taxes, duties, and registration fees are applicable to the buyer’s local province so be sure to check with your local motor vehicle department for applicable taxes / import fees.
  • Fees are typically due at the border crossing and are the responsibility of the buyer.

What Documentation is Needed to register my USA imported Horse Trailer in Canada?

  • Certificate of Origin (provided by Double D Trailers)
  • Invoice or bill of sale (provided by Double D Trailers)
  • Letter of Recall stating that there aren’t any US recalls on the trailer (provided by Double D Trailers)
  • Your checkbook or cash: to pay any applicable Canadian import fees at the border. 

Double D Trailers has many happy Canadian buyers who have acquired their new trailer without complication.  It has been easy for residents to pass into Canada pulling their new trailer, so get started with your new trailer design today.

To begin the design process at no cost to you visit the following links.
For a bumper pull click here and select your model.
Go here to design your new Gooseneck horse trailer, and here for a living quarter horse trailer.

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