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Double D Addresses Doubts about Buying a Horse Trailer Online

Thinking about buying a horse trailer this year but having doubts about purchasing it online? If so, you’re not alone. Listed below are the top 6 reasons why consumers are hesitant to buy over the Internet.

  1. Prefer to see the item before buying it.
  2. Concern about the security of paying online.
  3. Shipping charges are too high.
  4. Returning items is a hassle.
  5. Concern that the product will not arrive in good condition.
  6. Don’t want to wait for delivery.

I can see you nodding your head in agreement, and why not, especially if you’ve experienced any of these issues buying online in the past.

How We've Addressed These Concerns

Double D realizes you may feel this way. So we’ve taken steps to address these concerns.

'See' Before Your Buy - For example, you can view all the horse trailers posted on our site by clicking on the photos provided for each trailer. We take many interior and exterior shots of the trailers so you can get a great visual of what a particular horse trailer looks like, even shots of the floorboards. Plus, you can take a video tour of the living quarters in our living quarter’s horse trailers.

Secure Order Form - Feel confident purchasing a Double D horse trailer online using our secure order form. But if you prefer, other offline payment methods are available too.

Flat Rate Shipping Charges or Pick-Up Option - Double D has a versatile trailer delivery program that includes free delivery with some horse trailer purchases. And different from buying online, you have the option of picking up your trailer from the factory, if that’s what you’d prefer to do.

Top Notch Condition - Because we do business over the Internet, we realize that it’s extremely important for you to receive your horse trailer in top-notch condition. So, before we release your trailer to you, we thoroughly inspect it, clean it, and attend to anything that might dissatisfy you. Our philosophy is to avoid situations that may require returns, etc., so delivering a product to you that’s as perfect as can be is our goal. We know once you get your new trailer, you don’t want to be bothered with problems that should have been taken care of at the dealer’s.

If you’re still not sure about buying a horse trailer online, check out our testimonials.

Give us a try; we won’t disappoint you.

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