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Kingman’s Healing Hooves – Kingman, Arizona

kingsman-healing-hoovesKingman’s Healing Hooves was able to serve 912 people during the 2017-2018 year. People from 4-90 years old, each of them their own story, yet each of them immensely benefitted from the “four-legged therapists” that helped them on their path to healing, learning, and growth.


Kassie Schuerr, founder and director of Kingman’s Healing Hooves, found her passion in horse training early in life, growing up on a small horse ranch in Kingman. She is an Equine Specialist with over 35 years of experience. In 2010, Kingman’s Healing Hooves was founded with the mission to improve the minds, bodies, and spirits of children and adults in Mohave County through equine assisted learning programs.


Mohave County is the second largest county in Arizona. With a large veteran population, an overall poverty rate of 18%, and a shortage of mental health care providers, Mohave County was in drastic need of an organization like Kingman’s Healing Hooves.


“Our vision is to reach everyone in the community and in our county, that may not have the opportunity to have horses in their lives,” says Kassie. And since 2010, they have been doing just that. This commitment to community has allowed them to grow and offer a wide variety of services for a rage of disabilities.


Through their therapy services, therapeutic riding programs, team building, summer camps, and Special Olympics programs, Kingman’s Healing Hooves has a huge outreach in their community and works to bring healing and joy to their clients. In June 2014, they were even awarded the “12 Who Care” Award, given by Channel 12 News to organizations that make a difference in the community.


Kingman’s Healing Hooves takes great pride in their commitment to providing a safe environment for all their clients. All therapy horses are personally trained and certified, requiring them to go through a 2 year process before becoming therapy horses. Right now, they have a team of 10 horses, all certified through A-Schuerr-Thing Horsemanship. Riders can trust that they are in good hands – and hooves – at Kingman’s Healing Hooves.


They are also the only facility in Arizona that as a hoist system. This hoist system makes it possible for people that use wheelchairs to ride horses, using a special fabricated saddle that lifts them out of the wheelchair and onto the horse.


“We are set up for a broad spectrum of any disability,” Kassie says, “because really if we can just give them a little bit of time out of their world of worrying about being in a wheel chair or worrying about how much it hurts” it makes everything worth it.


Find out more about Kingman’s Healing Hooves by visiting their website below.


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