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Buying a Living Quarter Horse Trailer

Horse trailer shoppers have usually pre-determined what their “wants” and “needs” are for their future horse trailer.  These wants and needs may exist due to budgetary reasons, the number of horses they’ll be towing, or personal preference. This is especially the case for anyone shopping for a living quarters horse trailer.

In our experience, we’ve learned that buyers looking at a living quarters horse trailer don’t want restrictions in regards to customizing their purchase. Our policy is that if you know what you want, we’ll accommodate you as best as we can. So how do we accomplish this?

By installing the living quarters in our living quarters horse trailers here at out facility.

Did you know that most horse trailer manufacturers don’t install the living quarters in the trailers they sell? They send out the horse trailer “shell” to another company that performs the installation. Doing it this way leaves little room for customization; you pretty much take what they have to offer. In addition, this installation method means an additional cost is passed along to you, since the company installing the living quarter’s needs to be paid too.

If you encounter a problem with your living quarters horse trailer, who do you turn to to make it right? The dealer, the manufacturer, or the company that installed the living quarters? Sounds kind of complicated to me.

When you decide to buy a living quarters horse trailer from Double D, all of these problems vanish. And, because we do the living quarters installation, there’s no additional third-party cost passed along to you.

You’ll be able to customize your trailer as you see fit so that it matches your budget and your horse trailering lifestyle. When you buy a new Double D horse trailer you’re also getting a nationwide warranty service program, which allows you to get your horse trailer serviced anywhere you need to. And you don’t have to hassle with who’s responsible for helping you out.

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