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Medicine Horse Program – Boulder, Colorado

At Medicine Horse, healing happens. Humans and horses come together to find that unique connection that opens hearts, heals wounded souls, and changes lives. One of Medicine Horse’s core values is healing, and through their wide variety of programs, they are able to provide a safe environment where relationships can form and healing can take place.


One example of this healing process is the story of Milagro. In 2018, Milagro came to Medicine Horse in a group of ungentled mustangs. He was incredibly shy and it took him a while to gain the trust to be gentled. He slowly began to trust people, and after a while, he became gentle enough to be used as a therapy horse. He was especially sensitive – and was the perfect fit for one therapy patient. Milagro was able to teach the patient, through his reactions, how the person’s energy was affecting him. Tabitha Farrar, the operations director at Medicine Horse, shares that this “was a real breakthough for the human involved, and I was so proud of Milagro for providing such a gift in connection.”


Mustangs like Milagro have a special place at Medicine Horse. Currently, their rescue project “The Mustang Project” works to rescue, gentle, and rehome "high-risk" mustangs like Milagro. Unlike many other rescue facilities, Medicine Horse has staff specially experienced in gentling adult feral mustangs, allowing them to care specifically for their unique needs.


As they work to rescue horses, Medicine Horse also works to heal humans as well. Through a variety of programs specially designed to fit real, pressing needs, they are able to connect with humans in a unique way. Their programs cater to diverse populations, including veterans groups, LBGTQIA Young Adults groups, meditation and mindfulness groups, as well as groups for people with disabilities and people in recovery from substance abuse.


One program, “Just Say Whoa” is geared towards struggling teens. Teens who struggle with behaviors like substance abuse and low self-esteem work with horses and therapists as they develop leadership skills and empathy. This amazing program uses equine-assisted psychotherapy activities to increase emotional self-awareness for the youth involved.


This program is just one of many programs at Medicine Horse that makes healing possible. Medicine House’s horses are unique and special as well – some are rescues, others were once sport horses and wild mustangs. But what they all have in common is their love of human interaction, and their sensitivity – what Tabitha says “is the main thing that allows the human and equine connection to work its magic.”


Go to the website below to find more information about the programs offered. Donate to Medicine Horse to support “The Mustang Project” and to help them keep the magic going.


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