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Double D Trailer Review posted on 21 Apr 2016


Mickie Jesse

City and State


Approximate Date of Delivery of your trailer

Nov 24, 2014

Did you purchase a new or used trailer?


Which Model Trailer did you purchase?

Double D safe tack

Ratings and Reviews 

How do you feel about the process of ordering your trailer online?

Extremely Satisfied

How do you feel concerning the time it took to complete your trailer?

Extremely Satisfied

Did your delivery process go smoothly.

Extremely Satisfied

How do you feel about the quality and construction of your trailer?

Extremely Satisfied

Please describe how and why you came to Double D Trailers?
My spouse researched many trailers extensively. Double D met everything we were looking for.

What were your specific trailer needs and search criteria?
Aluminum exterior, 2 horse bumper pull, rumber floor, water tank,

Why do you feel Double D Trailers was the best deal on the market for you?
Because of all the accessories for a used trailer in our price range.

What other trailers did you evaluate during your shopping process prior to purchasing from Double D Trailers?
Numerous aluminum trailers.

Why did purchase from Double D Trailers versus the other companies or brands you researched?
Because it had all of the accessories we wanted even being used. You could tell the quality that it kept being new from 2013, being in FL and now being used in MI.

Would you recommend Double D Trailers to others?


Feel free to describe any recommendations, feedback for improvement you desire for Double D Trailers.
As I use my trailer more, I continue to be comfortable with the ease of it. The rumber floor is a plus. The whole trailer is easy to clean up after hauling and traveling on dirt roads. Well ventilated. The safe tack is nice. One thing I have realized from only owning one trailer before this, and it was a stock trailer, that this is a Horse Trailer and I like that use only. The stock trailer I had, yeah, I could use for hauling hay, moving appliances, etc, but I truly like its single purpose use.

Posted: April 21, 2016

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