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Double D Trailer Review posted on 17 Feb 2016

Patty Neal
City and State
Makwao, Hawaii
Approximate Date of Delivery
February 17, 2016
New or Used
How do you feel about the process of ordering your trailer online?
Over the Moon Happy
How do you feel concerning the time it took to complete your trailer?
Extremely Satisfied
Did your delivery process go smoothly?
Over the Moon Happy
How do you feel about the quality and construction of your trailer?
Over the Moon Happy
Please describe how and why you came to Double D Trailers.
I was looking on-line for horse trailers as we do not have anyone here on the island of Maui that sells them. I was first attracted to the amount of detail I could find on the website about each trailer, weight, size, materials, etc.
What were your specific trailer needs and search criteria?
I needed an aluminum trailer for 1 horse that was the lightest weight I could find for hauling with an SUV.
Why do you feel Double D Trailers was the best deal on the market for you?
Many reasons come to mind. The construction materials, the price, the delivery price and most of all the personal attention from Brad Heath were what confirmed my decision. Brad's availability to answer every detailed question I had eased my mind and helped with the complicated details of ordering something sight unseen and having it delivered first to California and then to Hawaii. I am very, very happy with my new trailer.
What other trailers did you evaluate during your shopping process prior to purchasing from Double D Trailers?
I looked at several used trailers here in the islands and contacted others on-line and left telephone messages. Some dealers did not respond at all. Featherlite, I learned, charges by the mile to the port of San Diego, which would have raised my cost by about $2,000 which would have been prohibitive.
Why did you purchase from Double D Trailers versus the other companies or brands you researched?
Personal service, price and shipping costs.
Would you recommend Double D Trailers to others?
Additional Comments

The only thing I had assumed would be there but did not ask about was a tie ring on the outside of the trailer for tying while tacking up, etc. Brad offered to send one to me after delivery, but I don't want to drill into the side of the trailer at this point.

RESPONSE FROM DOUBLE D TRAILERS: Thanks Patti. If you take a look there are two exterior ties on the outside of your trailer, one on either side.

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