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2 Horse Straight Load Bumper Pull (No Dress)

The Double D Trailers Townsmand model is a two-horse, fully enclosed trailer known for its insulation and advanced safety features, making it ideal for transporting horses comfortably even in extreme weather. Its design includes several safety-oriented innovations and customizable options that enhance its utility and durability.
  • Advanced Roof and Wall Systems: Features the SafeBump and SafeKick technologies in the roof and walls respectively, which are designed to flex upon impact. This provides safety for horses that may rear or kick. The roof is well-insulated and includes white aluminum on top to reflect heat, and a galite sheet on the bottom to protect the horses.
  • High-Quality Handmade Pads: The trailer includes thick, hand-sewn pads made in the factory, offering additional protection and comfort for the horses during transport.
  • Convenient Loading Features: Includes well-designed butt bars that are easy to handle with one hand, even under pressure from a horse's weight. The trailer also features a side catch to secure the divider, facilitating easier loading of horses.
  • Lightweight and Durable Dividers: Made from thick aluminum for strength and rust resistance, with safety pins that are designed to come out if a horse becomes trapped underneath, adding a layer of safety.
  • Accessible Emergency Exit: Equipped with a full-height walk-through escape door, allowing easy access to the horses and facilitating quick exits in case of emergencies.
  • User-Friendly Doors and Latches: Doors are designed to be easy to operate, featuring weather-tight seals and dual latching systems for added security. The trailer ensures that one key fits all locks, simplifying the locking process.
  • Visibility and Airflow: Includes lay-flat tie rings to prevent injuries, and windows designed for easy operation and excellent visibility, allowing owners to monitor their horses during transport.
  • Customizable Saddle Storage: Features an adjustable saddle rack system that can be customized in height, accommodating different saddle sizes and additional storage needs.
  • Stylish and Durable Wheels: Customers can opt for aluminum wheels that are more durable and longer-lasting than conventional steel wheels. The trailer also includes a spare tire cover for added protection.

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