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3 Horse Slant Load Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

Kalib from Double D Trailers provides a detailed walkthrough of the SafeTack Reverse three-horse bumper pull trailer at Equine Affaire. This trailer is designed with safety, convenience, and horse comfort in mind, incorporating innovative solutions to common loading and traveling challenges faced by horse owners.
  • Patented SafeTack Reverse System: This trailer features a patented design that allows for safer and more natural loading and unloading of horses, reducing stress and potential injuries.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Includes a back ramp with tight springs for easy operation, a buffer zone for collision protection, and a swing-out rear tack box that allows for a fully open trailer interior, making it inviting for horses.
  • Loading and Unloading Efficiency: Horses load from a side ramp, which prevents them from having to turn around inside the trailer, an especially beneficial feature for horses that are difficult loaders.
  • Internal Configuration: The trailer has a double-hinged divider system allowing flexible management of space and the option to remove dividers entirely. This system supports various configurations, such as converting areas into a box stall.
  • Escape and Emergency Options: Includes multiple escape routes for safety, such as a front stall escape door and a walkthrough option, enhancing both human and horse safety during emergencies.
  • Additional Storage and Organization: Features ample storage solutions within the tack box and dressing room, including saddle racks, blanket bars, and bridal hangers, with options for additional organizational tools.
  • Ventilation and Insulation: Utilizes crank-out windows to prevent rain entry and maintain airflow, and a one-piece fiberglass composite roof with Safe Bump technology to provide insulation and protect horses from injuries.
  • Durable and Efficient Flooring: Offers Rumber flooring made from recycled tires as an add-on, which is durable, easy to clean, and provides a quieter, more comfortable ride for horses.
  • Robust Construction and Materials: The trailer's structure includes Z-frame technology for enhanced strength and durability, akin to having a roll cage in case of rollovers, and uses a 3M chemical bonding process for assembling panels, ensuring a quiet, rattle-free ride.
  • Accessibility Features: The trailer is designed with accessibility in mind, including lower latch positions on drop-down windows and exterior tie rings positioned for easy use.
  • Innovative Technology and Customization: Double D Trailers offers various customizable options to tailor the trailer to specific needs, including adjustable window bars, flooring options, and additional external storage.

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