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Aluminum vs. Galvalite

Brad from Double D Trailers dives into the technical details of trailer construction materials, offering insights into the optimal choices for durability and strength. Brad explains the use of various materials such as aluminum and galvalite—a zinc-coated, pre-painted white material. Highlighting the similarities in appearance and cost between the two, the preference for galvalite is based on its superior strength and durability, making it ideal for the structural integrity of trailers exposed to environments where rust could be a concern.
  • Both materials have a white baked-on finish and are visually similar.
  • The use of galvalite is compared to the metal roofing used in residential buildings, particularly in coastal areas where rust resistance is crucial.
  • The galvalite material offers the same appearance as household metal roofing but without the rippled texture.
  • The choice of galvalite over aluminum is based on its enhanced strength, despite being similar in cost and only slightly different in weight.
  • Aluminum is preferred in parts of the trailer where strength is less of a concern, allowing for weight savings.
  • Galvalite is used where strength and structural integrity are critical to the trailer's design.

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