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Expert Advice on Buying a Horse Trailer

In a comprehensive overview at the Double D Trailer Factory, insights are offered into the critical aspects to consider when shopping for horse trailers.

The distinction between manufacturers and the separate entities often responsible for interiors is emphasized, underscoring potential issues with warranty and repairs. Double D Trailers differentiates itself by integrating all aspects of construction and finishing in-house, ensuring higher quality and accountability. This ensures a seamless customer experience with robust after-sales support and superior material quality.

  • Many horse trailer manufacturers do not handle interior work themselves; it is often outsourced to other companies, which can complicate warranty claims especially if issues arise like a leaking roof that damages the interior.
  • Double D Trailers maintains control over the entire manufacturing process, including interiors and living quarters, which are built in-house. This consolidation ensures that customers have a single point of contact for warranties and repairs.
  • Attention to detail is stressed as a significant factor in choosing a trailer, with a focus on the fit and finish of components such as doors and windows.
  • Double D Trailers employs custom, handmade cabinets and avoids using materials like particle board, enhancing the overall quality and durability of their trailers.
  • The inadequacies of typical RV-style doors used by other manufacturers are discussed, including their tendency to warp, contrasting with Double D’s more robust construction practices.
  • A common design flaw in other trailers is high window latches that are unreachable for shorter individuals, whereas Double D uses mid-latch windows for better accessibility.
  • The importance of thoughtful features like walkthrough doors in living quarters for functionality and convenience in scenarios such as camping is also highlighted.
  • Double D’s innovative design features are exemplified by their latch systems, which allow easier one-handed operation, contrasting with more cumbersome designs seen in other brands.

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