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Divider Latches

Double D Trailers incorporates advanced safety features in their horse trailers, including one-hand latch operational dividers designed to enhance both convenience and safety. 

These dividers not only prevent injuries from unruly horses but also contribute to a quieter and more stable journey due to their rubber construction, which minimizes vibration.

  • The trailer features a divider between the handler and the horse to enhance safety by preventing potential injuries from an unruly horse.
  • The divider is equipped with a one-hand latch mechanism, making it easy and quick to operate.
  • It is spring-loaded, which allows the divider to swing smoothly around and stay flush against the wall when unlatched.
  • The use of rubber in the construction of the dividers helps to reduce vibration, making the trailer ride quieter and more comfortable for both the horse and handler.

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