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Horse Trailer Flooring & Chassis

In the world of trailer manufacturing, understanding the nuances of construction and material impact is key to delivering superior products. This detailed exploration into the process of building a trailer chassis highlights the advantages of using Z-frame casting and innovative materials like Rumber. By comparing different materials such as aluminum and wood, the description emphasizes not only the structural integrity but also the practical benefits in terms of maintenance, heat transfer, and comfort for transported goods, particularly horses.
  • The trailer's floor and chassis are initially constructed with a Z-frame casting, with axles yet to be mounted.
  • The flooring process begins upside down and is later flipped using an overhead crane.
  • Aluminum is used for its light weight but requires more material to achieve the same strength as steel, potentially increasing the overall weight.
  • The trailer features a patented roof technology called "SafeBump" which uses dual-layer protection and high-density Styrofoam insulation for added strength and safety.
  • Rumber flooring, made from recycled tires, is highlighted for its durability, ease of maintenance, and ability to prevent liquid penetration, making it ideal for trailers.
  • Rumber floors also eliminate the need for additional mats, providing a non-slip surface and easy cleaning.
  • Horse urine has a negative impact on aluminum horse trailer floors - advocating for the use of wood or Rumber to avoid corrosion and maintenance issues.
  • Flooring and chassis material choice is crucial based on practical benefits such as reduced heat transfer, noise, and vibration, enhancing the comfort and safety of the trailer's contents.

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