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How Hot Can Horse Trailers Get?

Brad, at the Double D Trailer factory, highlights the significant difference in temperature regulation and safety provided by their insulated roofing systems compared to typical mill finish aluminum roofs found on many horse trailers.

By demonstrating the temperature variations between the two types of roofs, the benefits of the Double D's Safe Bump roof system—featuring Z-frame technology and high-density Styrofoam insulation—are emphasized, showing its superior ability to keep the trailer cooler and safer for horses during transport.

  • The typical mill finish aluminum roof found on many horse trailers is a great conductor of heat, which can lead to extremely high internal temperatures.
  • On a warm day (July 20th, around 4:30 PM), the temperature on a mill finish aluminum roof was recorded climbing above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be uncomfortable and unsafe for both horses and handlers.
  • In contrast, Double D Trailers uses a SafeBump roofing system with Z-frame technology and a white-colored, insulated roof, which significantly reduces heat absorption.
  • Measurements showed a notable difference in temperature inside a trailer with the SafeBump system, with temperatures around 105 degrees, compared to 130 degrees in the traditional aluminum roof trailer.
  • The insulation used in the SafeBump roof system not only helps in reducing the temperature but also provides a cushioning effect to protect horses from injuries caused by bumping against the roof.
  • Brad highlights the risks associated with non-insulated, mill finish aluminum roofs, including potential injuries from horses spooking and the structural vulnerability to external impacts like falling tree limbs.

> Learn more about the SafeBump Roof System and how it enhances horse safety and comfort.

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