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How to Load a Horse on the SafeTack Reverse Horse Trailer

Double D Trailers owner showcasing the ease and comfort of the loading process with the patented SafeTack Reverse horse trailer. It highlights the versatility and user-friendly design of the trailer, which caters to both side and rear loading preferences. The video effectively demonstrates how this trailer model addresses common challenges faced by horse owners during loading and unloading, ensuring both the safety and happiness of the horse.
  • The horse is first loaded from the side of the trailer.
  • Dividers inside the trailer are then secured for the horse's stability.
  • The horse appears comfortable and content standing inside the trailer.
  • The process is repeated with the horse being loaded from the rear.
  • Again, the divider is secured after loading the horse from the rear.
  • The horse is shown to be happy and relaxed inside the trailer.
  • The video demonstrates unloading the horse from the rear.
  • It also shows rear ramp loading with the subsequent securing of the divider.
  • The horse is again unloaded from the rear.
  • Finally, the video showcases side ramp loading, with the horse walking off the trailer comfortably.

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