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Kid Loading and Unloading Horses

The patented SafeTack Reverse horse trailer layout by Double D Trailers makes loading and unloading so simple that a kid can do it!
The SafeTack Reverse horse trailer from Double D Trailers brings a fresh approach to the traditional reverse slant load design, enhancing both safety and usability. This trailer distinguishes itself with several key features that address the typical constraints found in other rear facing horse trailer designs.

Key Features of the SafeTack Reverse Horse Trailer:

    1. SafeTack Compartment: A revolutionary design that swings out like a second door, providing a wide-open area for loading and unloading horses. This feature eliminates the cramped space issues common in traditional designs.
    2. Double-Hinged Dividers: These allow horses to move easily through the trailer to exit without needing to back up awkwardly, a significant improvement over conventional layouts.
    3. Extra Partition: This standard feature acts as a safety barrier, preventing horses from attempting to exit the trailer prematurely when the rear ramp is opened. This ensures that the handler can unload horses safely.
    4. Customizable Options: The SafeTack Reverse Slant Load Trailer can be tailored to individual needs, available in configurations from two to four horses, and can be designed as either a bumper pull or gooseneck model.
    5. Drop Down Windows and Pop-Up Vents: These features offer flexibility for the horse to face either rearward or forward, enhancing comfort by providing ample airflow and accessibility.
    6. Safety and Durability: Built with the patented Z-Frame technology, the trailer combines the lightweight attributes of aluminum with the strength of steel, ensuring it does not rust and remains durable under various conditions.
    7. Innovative Floor Plan: The trailer accommodates forward or reverse facing orientations without modifications, featuring a wide side ramp for entry and a rear exit strategy that simplifies the loading and unloading process.

> Learn more about the patented SafeTack Reverse horse trailer design. 

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