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Patented SafeTack Reverse Horse Trailer [3 Horse Gooseneck Model]

Introducing the patented SafeTack Reverse trailer. Brad Heath highlights the unique design, allowing horses to stand either forward or rear-facing, addressing common loading and unloading challenges. The trailer features easy-to-manage ramps, an open and inviting loading space, customizable saddle racks, and spacious stalls to accommodate larger horses. Brad emphasizes the safety and comfort aspects of the trailer, including ample ventilation, the SafeBump roof system, and Rumber flooring. The absence of rivets for a smoother exterior, convenient drop-down windows, and additional safety features like an automated coupler in the gooseneck area are also discussed. This trailer is tailored for ease of use, horse safety, and handler convenience.
  • Features an easy-to-handle rear ramp and a uniquely positioned side ramp.
  • The SafeTack area solves issues with conventional rear tacks, providing an open area for loading and unloading.
  • Adjustable saddle racks, bridle hangers, and lockable compartments in the SafeTack area.
  • Spacious interior with additional width for larger horse breeds.
  • Safety-focused design with drop-down windows on both sides for ventilation.
  • Double side ramp feature for independent access to each horse.
  • Accommodates large horses comfortably with customizable width.
  • Safety considerations such as emergency offside unloading.
  • SafeTack Reverse operation demonstration showing safe and easy loading/unloading.
  • SafeBump Roof Technology and Rumber flooring for horse comfort.
  • Rivet-free exterior with a 3M chemical bonding process.
  • Drop-down windows with easy one-hand operation.
  • Water tank for fresh water storage.
  • Gooseneck area with safety features and options for customization.
  • V-front design for aerodynamic efficiency and safety in towing.

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