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Horse Trailer Roofs & Walls

Inside the Double D Trailers factory, the innovative process of creating a fiber composite roofing system for trailers is demonstrated. This method features a Z-frame roof bow placed every 16 inches, injected directly into a seamless mold, ensuring superior quality and durability. The roof's design offers significant benefits, such as insulation and leakage prevention, enhancing the comfort and safety of horses. This system, although costly, represents a valuable investment in providing a safer and more reliable transport solution.
  • The manufacturing process involves a one-piece fiber composite roof, constructed with no seams, which prevents leakage and enhances structural integrity.
  • A Z-frame structure is integrated every 16 inches within the mold, contributing to the roof's strength and durability.
  • The roof's seamless construction is particularly advantageous for preventing water entry and maintaining a consistent, durable surface.
  • The fiber composite material used in the roof offers excellent insulation properties, making the interior cooler and quieter for horses during transit.
  • In addition to its structural benefits, the roof is forgiving if a horse rears up, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Despite the high production cost, the investment in this roofing technology is deemed worthwhile compared to traditional materials like mill finish aluminum.
  • Additionally, Double D Trailers incorporates a "SafeKick" wall system that utilizes high-density Styrofoam insulation behind a flexible surface to absorb impacts effectively, improving safety for horses.

> Learn more about the SafeBump Roof and SafeKick Walls on Double D Trailers.

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