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SafeBump Roof Production

Inside the Double D Trailers factory, the production of a seamless fiber composite roofing system for trailers is showcased, highlighting its superior design and functionality. .

This roofing system, constructed using a Z-frame structure injected directly into a mold, offers exceptional benefits such as insulation, noise reduction, and increased safety for horses. The absence of seams not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but crucially eliminates the risk of leaks, making it a worthwhile investment over traditional materials like aluminum.

  • The roofing system is made from a fiber composite material using a mold that ensures the roof is seamless from one end to the other.
  • Z-Frame is integrated every 16 inches within the mold to strengthen the structure.
  • The roof is self-insulating, which keeps the interior cool and quiet, ideal for transporting horses.
  • The seamless design significantly reduces the likelihood of leaks, providing a reliable protective barrier.
  • The roof is applied to the trailer frame using an overhead crane, and it is designed to fit perfectly with the trailer’s tubing walls, ensuring a secure and precise installation.
  • This type of roof is more expensive to produce than others, such as those made from mill finish aluminum, but the benefits justify the additional cost.
  • The roof is quiet and has a forgiving nature, particularly in scenarios where a horse might rear up, as it can prevent injuries by not having hard or sharp seams.

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