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SafeBump Roof Production

Double D Trailers utilizes an innovative fiber composite roofing system in their horse trailers, designed to enhance the comfort and safety of both horses and handlers. This advanced roofing system, featuring a seamless, mold-based design with Z-frame technology, ensures a durable, leak-proof structure. It offers superior insulation and noise reduction, significantly enhancing the travel experience for horses by maintaining a cooler and quieter environment.
  • The roof is made using a mold, ensuring no seams and preventing any leaks.
  • Features Z-frame roof bows every 16 inches, enhancing structural integrity and durability.
  • The roofing material is self-insulating, keeping the interior cool and comfortable for horses.
  • The seamless design also makes the roof forgiving and safer for horses that might rear up.
  • Despite the higher production costs, this roofing system is seen as a worthwhile investment due to its superior benefits over traditional roofing materials like mill finish aluminum.

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