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The Safest Horse Trailer Rear Tack

The patented SafeTack compartment from Double D Trailers enhances ease of use and safety for both horses and handlers. A key highlight is that this rear tack compartment provides user-friendly one-handed latches and added functionality, serving as a hay bale holder to maximize space utilization. This design keeps the back of the trailer open, facilitating safer and more efficient loading and unloading processes. Additionally, the trailer provides versatile loading options, accommodating both forward and rear-facing horse travel, which significantly improves the overall handling and accessibility of the horse trailer.
  • The trailer features an improved one-handed latch system. A latch behind the door allows it to be securely held in the open position.
  • The rear SafeTack compartment is equipped with a new handle for easier movement and includes a hay bale holder to optimize space.
  • This compartment can securely hold two saddles as standard, with additional storage for blankets and a saddle rack located in the dressing area.
  • It also contains bridal hangers and compartments for storing smaller items like hoof picks and brushes.
  • The design of the rear SafeTack compartment keeps the entire back of the trailer open, enhancing safety and ease of loading and unloading horses.
  • The trailer allows for both forward and rear-facing travel configurations for horses, adding flexibility to how horses can be transported. Horses can be loaded from a side ramp if facing rearward, which simplifies the loading process.
  • Unloading procedures are streamlined with a spring-loaded mechanism that moves partitions out of the way and enough space for horses to turn around and walk out, enhancing safety and convenience.

> Learn more about the safest rear tack in the industry, the patented SafeTack from Double D Trailers.

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