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SafeTack Reverse Demonstration Video

When transporting a horse, which can weigh between 900 to 2000 pounds, ensuring its calmness and safety is crucial. Traditional horse trailers often overlook the psychological needs of horses, potentially causing stress or injury during transport. Double D Trailers has revolutionized this process with trailers designed to eliminate these concerns. Our patented design features spacious interiors, easy loading, and horse-friendly materials, providing a secure and stress-free environment for your horses.
  • Horse weights can vary from 900 to 2000 pounds based on the breed.
  • Maintaining calmness and safety during transportation is crucial to prevent injuries.
  • Conventional trailers often neglect the psychological comfort of horses.
  • Double D Trailers offers a patented solution with several enhanced features:
    • Spacious interiors to accommodate horses comfortably.
    • Simplified loading and unloading processes.
    • Absence of narrow doorways to ease movement.
    • Use of horse-friendly materials and designs in the construction.
  • These features ensure that horses remain unagitated and stress-free during transport.

> Learn more about the patented SafeTack horse trailer design.

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