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How to Set Up a Double D Trailer

Brad Heath of Double D Trailers offers a detailed guide on how to properly initiate and manage the various systems of a new Double D Trailer upon its arrival.

He covers essential aspects such as connecting electrical systems, managing water and sewage hookups, operating heating systems, and ensuring the safe use of propane. This guidance is crucial for new trailer owners to ensure they can fully utilize their trailer's features safely and efficiently.

  • Electrical Connection and Usage: Instructions on how to connect the trailer to an electrical source using the provided cord. Emphasis on not using a small drop cord for high-power appliances like microwaves or air conditioners due to the risk of overheating and damage.
  • Hot Water Heater Access: Location and maintenance of the hot water heater, including winterization tips and warnings about only using authorized service for repairs.
  • Waste Management: Explanation of the waste tank systems, including connections for campsite sewage and vents for the refrigerator which operates on a heat exchange system.
  • Heating System Enhancements: The client opted to add a furnace to the trailer, providing substantial heating capabilities, essential for colder climates or seasons.
  • Water and Propane Systems: Detailed steps on how to fill the water tank, use city water connections, and operate the water pump. Advice on switching propane tanks and ensuring all lines are purged of air before use.
  • Propane Safety and Usage: Guidance on safely switching propane on, checking tank levels, and managing propane for various appliances.
  • Operational Tips for Appliances: Instructions on how to start the refrigerator on propane or electricity, light the water heater, and troubleshoot common issues like air in the water lines.
  • Seasonal Preparations and Adjustments: Advice on setting bypass valves for winterization and ensuring proper water flow into the heater.
  • Thermostat and Heating Control: How to operate the furnace using a thermostat and ensuring it is properly fueled by propane and powered by the battery.
  • General Maintenance and Safety Tips: Includes reminders about regular maintenance checks, especially before and after trips, and how to handle emergency situations with the trailer's systems.

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