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Are Aluminum Horse Trailers the Best Option?

Common issues are seen in traditional aluminum horse trailers such as narrow rear tack entries, insufficient padding, and poor temperature management. These design flaws can compromise horse safety and comfort.
  • Rear Tack Design Issues: Conventional rear tack designs often feature narrow doors that many horses dislike and can create a safety hazard for both the horse and handler during loading and unloading.
  • Safety Concerns with Current Loading Mechanisms: Traditional mechanisms like butt bars require two hands to operate due to their spring-loaded design, which can be cumbersome and unsafe, particularly as they can pop out unexpectedly.
  • Noise and Stress Factors: The movement and noise from dividers and other components in the trailer can significantly increase stress for the horses during transport.
  • Inadequate Protection and Insulation: The trailer uses a mill finish aluminum roof, which is a poor insulator and can get extremely hot, reaching temperatures as high as 191°F, thereby posing a risk of overheating and injury to the horses.
  • Interior Design Flaws: There is a lack of sufficient padding inside the trailer, which is crucial for protecting horses during movement. Additionally, the use of rubber wall linings, while common, is not necessarily safe as they can be hard and cause injuries if horses kick or rub against them.
  • Flooring Issues: The aluminum flooring is criticized for its ability to conduct heat and its reaction with horse urine, which can cause significant oxidation and deterioration over time. Alternatives like wood or rubber (Rumber) flooring are suggested for their durability and maintenance benefits.
  • Structural and Aesthetic Concerns: Problems with the structural integrity of doors and sidewalls, including issues like warping and buckling due to inadequate fastening techniques, are highlighted. The use of smoother surfaces and better sealing techniques could improve both functionality and appearance.

> Double D Trailers contrasts these issues. Our trailers include safer and more functional design elements such as SafeKick wall systems, better insulation, and more user-friendly loading options,  promoting a higher standard of safety and comfort for horses. Learn more about what sets Double D Trailers apart.

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