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Horse Trailer Windows

Double D Trailers offers enhanced user accessibility and convenience with the implementation of more ergonomically positioned drop-down feed windows. These windows, with features such as mid-latch positioning and one-handed operation, make the windows easier to use for individuals of all heights. Additionally, these windows are equipped with sliding glass and screens for increased versatility, reflecting a thoughtful approach to both horse and handler needs..
  • Double D Trailers include grab handles to assist with stepping up to access the drop-down feed windows.
  • Previously, window latches were positioned too high, making them difficult to reach for shorter individuals. To address this, the latches have been lowered to a more accessible mid-latch position, allowing for easier one-handed operation.
  • These windows are designed to slide and include a screen, offering the option to leave the window up while still allowing air flow.
  • The bars on the windows can be left up or folded down independently from the glass, adding flexibility in how the window is used.
  • Unlike other heavier designs that require two hands to operate—one to hold the window and another to manage the bars—these windows are designed for ease of use, reducing the risk of accidents such as the window falling on someone’s head.

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