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SafeKick® Wall System and SafeBump® Roof Production

Double D Trailers showcases their cutting-edge wall and roofing systems, designed specifically to enhance horse comfort and safety.
  • The roofing system is made using a seamless mold, eliminating leaks and enhancing durability.
  • Z-frame technology is injected directly into the mold every 16 inches for added structural support.
  • The roof is self-insulating, ensuring a cool and quiet environment for horses.
  • Designed for safety, the roof is forgiving if a horse rears up, reducing the risk of injury.
  • The roof is attached to the trailer frame using an overhead crane, ensuring precise placement and integration.
  • This roofing style is an upgrade over previous models that featured seams and required extensive caulking, which could deteriorate and cause leaks.
  • The new roof includes additional bracing to minimize the risk of horse ejection in rollover accidents.
  • The trailer also features the SafeKick® wall system, which utilizes high-density Styrofoam insulation to absorb impacts and protect horses from injury.

> Learn more about Double D Trailers SafeBump® Roof and SafeKick® Wall System.

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