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Double D Trailer Review posted on 1 Apr 2014

Sandy Branham
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anderson, indiana
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Compared to my old Sundowner 2hr straight load w/ dressing rm, this is very nice. It does take a little getting used to as I am a creature of habit and had my old one for 25 yrs. This pulls nicely behind my 30ft motorhome & handles well when backing/parking. It is some cooler in the summer/fall than the other. The only suggestion I have: if you have LARGE horses that have some lenght to them, go the extra $ and ask for yours to be custom made a bit wider and stall width just a little wider/deeper.. One thing for sure at this point my mares do not walk around in their stall spaces. The sales person Brad, is very accommodating & knowledgable. Paperwork is clearly explained & finalization was fairly seemless.
Look them up! Sincerely, Sandy from anderson
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