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Spirit Horse Therapeutic Center – Corinth, TX

spirit-horseSpirit Horse offers free private lessons to more children than any center in the world. Each week, 425 children from ten counties in northern Texas come to their facility for riding lessons. The staff and volunteers at Spirit Horse work non-stop, 7 days a week, 12 hours each day.


The quality one-on-one instruction, specific treatment methods, parental involvement, and specialist instructors make the programs at Spirit Horse unlike any other. Their method is effective and has changed the lives of thousands of children. Their original program of providing free riding therapy for children has been so successful that it has expanded to other locations.


Spirit Horse has trained over 600 instructors throughout the years – allowing their specific techniques to expand all over the world. They have helped start clinics at 91 locations worldwide. Their goal is to expand even more and to help form 10 new clinics per year in the future. Their incredible program is filling the globe, and thousands of children will benefit.


At Spirit Horse, the so-called impossible becomes possible. The results that come because of the unique attention and care children experience at this organization is baffling. Charles Fletcher, CEO of Spirit Horse, shared just a few of their many accomplishments, “125 children spoke their first word on one of our ponies. 84 children took their first steps to reach their ponies, and 136 children sat up for the first time in their lives.”


Charles Fletcher started volunteering at a local center in 1998. He was disappointed with the services offered, and thought that more should be done. He used his engineering background to research and create the programs that are used at Spirit Horse. The facility opened in 2001, and Charles’s passion has allowed them to change lives, to succeed, and to expand. He shares, “there’s a place where mentally and physically handicapped children find hope. For them, it’s a destination that can only be reached on horseback.”


These types of achievements are unforgettable moments for volunteers, riders and families that gather at Spirit Horse. Megan, the mother of one of the riders, shared how much the program has helped her daughter. She said, “My daughter, Emma has been going for over a year now and the change in her posture, attitude, confidence, and curiosity are above compare. I hoped for a physical benefit from the therapy for my daughter, but I never imagined the amount of emotional benefits she would have as well.”


Megan continues, “if it wasn’t for SpiritHorse, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today with regards to Emma’s physical and social abilities. She is able to stand now, and it’s only a matter of time before she takes her first step!”


Support Spirit Horse in their effort to continue providing free services to hundreds of children worldwide, donate today on their website below.


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