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Sustainable Horse Trailers are the Future | 3D Print Your Own!

Patent Pending

Double D Trailers is set to print the very first patent pending 3D-printed horse trailers in 2025. 3D printing technology has many benefits over traditional manufacturing for horse owners.

  • Eco-friendly construction process

  • The use of sustainable materials

  • Innovative safety features exclusive to 3D-print technology

  • Quick production turnaround times

  • Modern design options

>>> Learn more about the world's first 3D-printed horse trailer!

We have worked with the expert design team at ONE/ONE Lab to create the new 3D-printed trailer known as the SafeTack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Carbon Trailer. This trailer has the safety features that you already love on Double D Trailers - including the patented SafeTack Reverse horse trailer design. 3D print technology allows us to create sustainable horse trailers with lightweight materials that are durable, heat and UV resistant, and provide exclusive convenience and safety features for both horse and handler.

Check out the 1st small scale prototype being built in the video below! 

We understand your hesitations about Double D Trailers’ new product offer. We had several questions ourselves before we decided to adopt this incredible technology into our manufacturing process.

Why opt for a 3D-printed horse trailer?

3D-printed horse trailers have many benefits over conventionally manufactured horse trailers including the use of green materials, less carbon emissions and waste produced during production, modern design capabilities, and endless opportunities for convenience and safety features.

How long does it take to print a horse trailer?

From start to finish, a horse trailer takes 15-20 hours to be completely 3D-printed.

What are 3D-printed trailers made of?

The Double D Trailers 3D-printed horse trailer is produced using reinforced polycarbonate.  The primary structural chassis uses polycarbonate reinforced with black carbon fiber, producing a lightweight, strong design.  The remainder of the trailer is printed with polycarbonate reinforced with fiberglass, which allows the interior and exterior features to be printed in any color, while still maintaining excellent strength.  Both materials are UV resistant, and can be recycled through a simple grinding process.

Is a 3D-printed trailer safe for horses?

The team at Double D Trailers is going through extensive testing processes with engineers and safety experts to ensure that every aspect of design and construction in our 3D-printed horse trailers are completely safe for both horses and handlers. Safety is our #1 goal, and we will never release something that we are not sure is safe.

Is loading a horse onto a 3D-printed trailer easy? What configurations are available?

Loading a horse onto a 3D-printed trailer is very easy. This trailer has moonroof style windows, so the trailer is light, airy, and inviting for horses. Plus, with the Double D Trailers patented SafeTack Reverse loading technology, even the most difficult loaders and haulers will load and travel comfortably.

How lightweight are 3D-printed trailers compared to aluminum/Z-Frame?

A common misconception in the horse trailer industry is that steel is heavy; and aluminum is light. While this is true, pound per pound steel carries a much higher strength ratio in comparison to aluminum. For this reason, it requires a lot more aluminum to achieve the same strength of steel and composite materials, such as Z-Frame. They actually weigh about the same. However, polycarbonate (the primary material used in 3D horse trailer printing), combined with strengthening materials such as carbon fiber - pound per pound will have greater strength in comparison to aluminum. Thus, less material can be used which results in significant weight savings in comparison to conventional manufacturing methods. Weight savings is a huge factor; especially with transportation moving to the electric vehicle market which has lower payload and tow ratings than gasoline vehicles.

Are 3D-printed trailers better for the environment?

3D-printed horse trailers give environmental benefits over conventional manufacturing due to the recyclability of the materials used, the compact supply chain, as well as a major reduction in carbon emissions and pollution in comparison to standard manufacturing factories.

What is the 3D-printed horse trailer model by Double D Trailers?

The exclusive 3D-printed horse trailer by Double D Trailers is known as the SafeTack Reverse 2 Horse Bumper Pull Carbon model.

How much does the 3D-printed SafeTack Reverse 2 Horse Carbon Bumper Pull weigh?

Our estimated weight for this 2 horse trailer model is 3,800 lbs. Conventionally manufactured 2 horse bumper pull trailers weigh around 5,100 lbs.

Who designed the 3D-printed horse trailer?

Double D Trailers collaborated with the 3D design professionals at ONE/ONE Lab to design and create the world's first 3D-printed horse trailer.

We are going to tackle all of your questions one at a time in the months to come. Be the first to know all about 3D-printed horse trailers by Double D Trailers by getting email alerts! 

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