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Take Heart Counseling and Equine Assisted Therapy – Mohnton, Pennsylvania

take-heart-counseling-and-equine-assisted-therapyThe saying, “take heart” is an encouraging call to optimism, and a battle cry to be courageous and hold on to hope. Take Heart Counseling and Equine Assisted Therapy works to empower individuals and families as they find hope, healing, and wholeness through therapeutic work with horses.


Meagan Good, founder of Take Heart, has loved horses since her first childhood riding lesson. In her teenage years, Meagan’s confidence grew and she learned important life lessons like patience and the value of hard work - all alongside her horse, Charley. She opened Take Heart in 2014 - combining her passion for horses with her desire to help people heal and grow. She has a master’s degree in Professional Counseling and is passionate about what she does every day at Take Heart.


The programs at Take Heart are flexible and highly effective. They offer 60 minute counseling sessions with the horses, as well as individual sessions, and horsemanship lessons. Take Heart integrates professional Christian counseling with trauma focused equine assisted psychotherapy to help people find wholeness both mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Unbridled, a women’s therapy group offered at Take Heart, works to help women find their purpose and live out their life calling. In each 90 minute session, group members participate in interactive activities with the horses, discuss topics like identity, faith, stress, and relationships, while learning proven coping and communication skills.


Take Heart strives to provide the best learning experience possible for each participant. Tori Good, one of the staff members at Take Heart, says “our passion is for restoring relationships and watching individuals grow.”


One such individual came to Take Heart with overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety. After having a baby, all those feelings of inadequacy came tumbling back. Her baby would often cry when she entered the room. It seemed to confirm her deepest fear that she was unlovable.


During her session at Take Heart, she went to her favorite horse, Charley. But this time, it was different. No matter how hard she tried, Charley stayed on the other side of the ring and she couldn’t get him to connect with her. Frustrated, she asked what she was doing wrong. After talking with her counselor about her mindset and realizing that her negative thoughts were affecting her environment, she made an effort to change to a positive mindset.


Immediately, without her even asking, Charley walked right over and put his muzzle on her shoulder. After that session, she was able to take what she learned back to her home life and practice with her baby. She was able to overcome feelings and thoughts of rejection and being unlovable, and most importantly, finally bond with her newborn baby.


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