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First Year Free

*Financing promotion with approved credit, offer expires January 18th, 2019. Additional Conditions not listed below may apply. Double D Trailers reserves all rights regarding promotion.

To get started:

--Complete the online Secure Credit Application
--Place a down payment of $500
--Finalize your order at your convenience (30 days)
--Your First 12 months payments are on us.

 1) Applies to New Trailers (not used) ordered on or After Monday January 7th, 2019. Pending Orders, financing contracts, or deposits placed prior to Monday January 7th, 2019 are not eligible. No refunds given on previously ordered or pending ordered trailers not yet delivered. Combining promotional offers isn't allowed.
 2) Applicable for financed trailers only.
 3) Applicable for Trailers In Inventory or custom builds. 
 4) Applicable for sales inside the continental US Only.
 5) Free 12 Months Payments based on calculations of maximum of 5.5% interest rate and minimum term of 144 months.
 6) Based on credit approval from the bank. The bank may require more than $500 depending on your credit score.
 7) You must have a minimum FICO score of 700 to apply. 
 8) Living Quarter Models are excluded from this program.

Frequently Ask Questions:

I would like to take advantage of your promotion but I am not ready to finalize my order.
A: This is a "buy now" offer. Since you are only paying $500 out of pocket, and no additional money is due from you for 12 months you have 12 months to save up while you use your new trailer. 

Q: What if I change my mind after I have locked in promotional pricing with my small deposit?
A: Your deposit is 100% refundable up until the time you sign off and finalize your order, no questions ask.

Q: How does the 12 month free payment period work?
A: Once you take possession of your new trailer, Double D Trailers will mail a check to you in full for the 12 months payments up front directly to you. You are legally responsible for sending those payments to the bank.

Q: What if I qualify and my interest rate is higher than 5.5% and my term is shorter than 144 months, longer terms may apply based on bank approval?
A: The check that Double D Trailers will mail to you is based on 5.5% rate and minimum 144 month term calculation (term may be longer), any additional money owed is your responsibility. Sales tax will not be included in the amount of reimbursement, only the cost of the trailer less applicable trade in and down payment. 

Q: Can I use my own bank for this?
A: Unfortunately not, this program is only applicable through Double D Trailers Financing sources.

Q: Are there any prepayment penalties if I pay off early?
A: There are not any prepayment penalities.  It's a simple interest loan like a conventional auto or mortgage which can be paid in full at anytime.


Trailer cost: $25,000. 
Approval bank financing: Rate 5.5%, term 144 months, Monthly payment: $237.54 per month.
Amount mailed to you after you take delivery of your new trailer: ($237.54 x 12 = $2,850.48)

**Promotion applicable to new trailers only, (used trailers are excluded, but financing is available)

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