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Try Before You Buy

On the Fence About Ordering?
Hesitant of Purchasing & "What If I Don't Like It?"

We understand which is why we've implemented this program.

--Order your new trailer to your specs
--Receive your new trailer in March of next year.
--Pay in full for your trailer prior to delivery
--Use your new trailer for 30 days, if you decide it's not for you, receive a FULL REFUND.   

The only cost you will pay out of pocket is the $395 delivery, and $395 pick up. 

However, if you register your trailer with your state and pay the sales tax, it's doubtful the state is going to refund your sales tax. 

 1) Applies to New Safetack model Trailers (not used) ordered on or After September 27th, 2018. Pending Orders, financing contracts, or deposits placed prior to Thursday, September 27th 2018 are not eligible.  No refunds given on previously ordered or pending ordered trailers not yet delivered.  Combining promotional offers isn't allowed.

 2) Applicable for cash purchases only, not financed trailers.

 3) Applicable for Trailers In Inventory or custom builds.  On extreme custom builds, unusual designs...we reserve the right not to honor this promotion and will notify you up front prior to ordering. 

 4) Applicable for only Safetack Model trailers, all other models are excluded.

 5) Safetack living quarter models, or "hang out" living quarters do not qualify for this promotion. 

 Frequently Ask Questions:

Q:  I would like to take advantage of your promotion but I am not ready to finalize my order.

A:  This is a "buy now" offer. Since you are only paying a 20% deposit out of pocket, no additional money is due until your trailer is 100% complete and ready to ship.  It will not ship until February/March of 2019.

Q:  Why will my trailer be delivered next year?

A:  We are currently booking orders about four months out.

Q:  What are your normal terms of delivery and guarantees.

A:  On any model trailer we have an unconditional 100% money back guarantee in writing. (read here)  This program extends the period from "on delivery" to you actually get to use it for 30 days.  

Q:  Why can't I qualify for this program with a financed trailer?

A:  Because the bank actually pays us directly for your trailer (not you)...therefore we would be refunding the bank if you decide you don't want the trailer, plus you would lose your state sales tax, registration fees, etc.  For those reasons, financing deals are not applicable for this promotion.

Q:  Will you actually refund my money if I ask for it?

A:  Absolutely..If you like it keep it, if not we will take it back.  Keep in mind we aren't in the business of hauling trailers around the US for free and picking those up.  We are very good at what we do and custom building, but this is an extra protection in place for your piece of mind.  If you're serious about purchasing, we are serious about making sure you are happy with your purchase. 

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