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Therapeutic Riding, Inc. – Ann Arbor, Michigan

therapeutic riding incThis year, Therapeutic Riding Inc. is celebrating their 35 year anniversary. That’s 35 years of building self-esteem and confidence, improving strength and communication skills, and providing a joyful experience through the human-horse relationship and supportive interaction with the volunteers and staff.


Since 1984, countless children and adults with disabilities have benefited from their time at TRI. Elyse is just one of the many success stories. She started riding with TRI when she was just 4 years old. Elyse suffers from cerebral palsy, and because of this, she was going to need a bilateral hip surgery. However, thanks to the therapeutic movement of the horse that helped improve Elyse’s mobility and flexibility, her physician reported that the surgery was no longer necessary.


Elyse has grown into a beautiful young woman, and is now in her third year of college. She is still an enthusiastic rider, taking weekly lessons at TRI. Cassie Mann, a member of the TRI staff, says that “adaptive horsemanship has rewarded Elyse’s commitment and courage with skills in a recognized sport, gains in physical ability and enhanced social confidence.”


For people with disabilities like Elyse, TRI offers several programs that focus on different needs for different skill levels. The programs are fun, but serious. Cassie says that it’s “not a visit to the farm with pony rides. We train our riders to meet rigorous, established professional standards.” They have group and private riding lessons, ground lessons where riders learn about grooming, tacking, and showmanship, and day programs for community groups.


One unique program that TRI offers is called Golden Giddyup - a program for seniors living in isolation that allows them to connect with horses and form friendships with others in the group as well. Pink Posse is another special program for women surviving cancer. PATH Intl. certified instructors help these amazing women get into the saddle and on the trail, bringing renewed confidence, strength, and balance.


For 35 years, the guests at TRI have been well taken care of by the TRI staff. All instructors at TRI are certified by PATH Intl. and welcome riders with warm smiles and helping hands. TRI’s program manager, Jan Vescelius, brings over fifty years of professional equestrian training. And there are over 210 trained volunteers that help as side-walkers, horse leaders, mounting assistants, and tack and grooming assistants as well.


Connect with TRI on their website below and celebrate 35 years. You can even become part of TRI’s rewarding mission by signing up to volunteer on their website.


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