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Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa – Cottondale, Alabama

Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa is a volunteer-run facility devoted to providing the experience of a lifetime to both its riders and its volunteers. Volunteering at TROT isn’t just a wonderful service experience, it’s fun!


What keeps TROT running is the amazing volunteer staff. Founder of TROT, Dr. Marguerite Malone, not only maintains her own private psychology practice, but also volunteers as the staff psychologist and is one of TROT’s riding instructors. The volunteers all bring different talents to the table – program director Melanie Williams has her degree in Early Childhood Development and schedule coordinator Lori Neal-Epperson brings forty-five years of registered nursing experience.


With such a diversely experienced volunteer group, it’s no wonder that riders at TROT receive the experience of a lifetime. TROT volunteers work both with adults and children, with and without disabilities. They have a variety of programs that use the amazing horses at TROT to help riders in their development of cognitive and motor skills.


TROT offers a variety of programs. One program, “Saddle Pals” is for children with disabilities. With the help of TROT’s registered clinical psychologist, they tailor the program specifically to the child’s needs. They also offer a Veterans Program engineered to help veterans with PTSD.


This organization’s influence extends beyond their facility and into the Alabama community. Some of the volunteers take TROT’s small animals to nearby nursing homes for the seniors to enjoy. TROT also visits local schools and does group sessions with the county’s special education students. They also bring Dei, one of the miniature horses, to the schools and the kids read to him. TROT is a force for good in the community, bringing happiness and unforgettable experiences to all around them.


Many different horses are used at TROT, including retired race horses, pleasure and rodeo horses, and ponies. Most of the horses are retired or rescued, and working at TROT gives them an opportunity to work with riders and help them to grow and learn. Lori says that “while being put out to pasture may seem nice, all of our horses are happier and healthier when they can work as part of the team.”


Take a look at the photos on TROT’s website, and you’ll see just how happy the horses are. The little riders in the Saddle Pals program just beam and smile as they ride the horses. The amazing programs, talented staff, and wonderful horses at TROT truly provide the riders with the experience of a lifetime.


Go to TROT’s website below or connect with them on Facebook to volunteer or join one of their great programs.


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