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15 Luxury Horse Trailers You Won’t Believe

Published December 12, 2014

If horses (and horse shows) are a regular part of your life, then you probably feel more at home in your horse trailer living quarters than you do at home. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the amenities of your horse ranch while on the road?

 Fortunately, you can! Many of these units go above and beyond the call of duty and create an environment where you don’t mind living, sleeping, and even entertaining guests from your own bunkhouse. These 15 Luxury Horse Trailers you won’t Believe will make you question how you ever got along without one.

 1. Country Estate Villa from Featherlite

The Country Estate Villa from Featherlite horse trailer is 53 feet in length, 33 of which boast four slide-outs and the kind of amenities you would get if sitting at home — maybe even some you wouldn’t. Sinks in the kitchen and bath are made from copper, there is an electric fireplace for those cold nights on the road, and a 32-inch flat screen television so you won’t miss any of your favorite programming. XM Satellite Radio, a recessed gas stove, a second flat-panel, a refrigerator drawer for refreshments, and a fully stocked kitchen make this one of the most popular options on the luxury horse trailer market. 

Images: Featherlite website

 2. 2015 Bloomer Brand Trailer

This 2015 Bloomer Brand Trailer runs 45 feet in length with an eight-foot width and will comfortably sleep four people while providing many of the comforts from home all fully available from the road. Among the many amenities Bloomer has placed inside are a convection microwave oven, refrigerator, freezer, stove top burner, kitchen sink, two flat screen televisions, storage space galore, and two slide-outs that each provide an 80-inch sofa sleeper with a movable table. It goes for around $241,000 and is worth every penny! 

Images: P And P Sales

 3. Country Estate Ranch from Featherlite

The Country Estate Ranch model of luxury horse trailer from Featherlite places the luxury more on the horses than the rider, but for owners who take a great deal of pride in their animals, that won’t be a problem. The horse stalls are heavily favored with gray stall pads that allow horses to ride in comfort. There is also a spray-on lining that coats the floor of the horse area for protection from excitable hooves. State-of-the-art storage space makes it easy to keep horses well-stocked with hay and water, and the manger water troughs have their own drain valves. Electric fans fight against overheating, and the stable area is kept under the watchful eye of closed-circuit video cameras. The living quarters also provide plenty of room for you and family to cook, sleep, eat, and shower. Last but not least, there is a flat screen TV with 4.1 surround and built-in DVD players to enjoy during downtime. 

Images: Featherlite website

 4. Lonestar Horse Hauler

 The Lonestar Horse Hauler doesn’t skimp on luxury with a list of standard features that will boggle the mind — definitely too many to list here, though some highlights include a hide-a-bed sofa, a queen-sized bed with lifters and mattress, a 42,000 BTU furnace, and a fully enclosed aluminum underbelly that makes long trips a cinch with all the accompanying storage it provides. Boasting two flat screen television sets, a surround sound system, and even electrical outlets on the exterior, you can have fun and entertain whether inside or out. This luxury horse trailer is one of the more attractive on our list and very easy on the eyes.  


Images: Lonestar Image Gallery 

5. Lakota Luxe Living Quarters Horse Trailers

 The Lakota Luxe Living Quarters trailer has much of what you’ll see from some of the other entries on this list — large flat screen television, soft-touch walls and leather sofas with a full-scale kitchen — but design-wise it adds a New Old West flare that gives the impression it broke free from an episode of Longmire and took on a life of its own. The outside is a sleek, black-and-silver combo with exciting new designs, and your horses will be right at home every mile of the way. It’s impossible to do this trailer full justice in just this article so we suggest you check-out this video walkthru to get the full effect. 

 Images: Screen grabs from Lakota Trailers YouTube Channel

 6. Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters

 While most of the luxury horse trailers you’ll find on this list are available for purchase as-is, you may want to consider customizing your own. If that’s the case, Trail Boss is a good place to start. Trail Boss specializes in adding the floor plan and designs that you want to an existing trailer and prospective customers can even use an online design center to see in advance what their trailer may end up becoming. Some of the past work that the company has done include Rustic, Western, and Ballroom styles to name a few, but ultimately the company works with its clientele to tailor each set of living quarters to personal tastes. 

Images: Trail Boss Conversions website

 7. 2017 Mobile Suites

2017 Mobile Suites offer 40 feet in length and 8.5 feet in width, providing more than enough room for the family that doesn’t leave home without their equine. Along with a spacious kitchen and lounging area, there is a large bedroom complete with LED television and a nicely-sized bathroom for hot showers and privacy. Additional amenities include a fireplace, a 1,000-watt inverter and dual 6-volt batteries for all the power you need in between shows. 


Images:  Goodrich Trailers websiteF

 8. 2015 Equine Motorcoach 4 Horse Trailer With Hay Pod

The Equine Motorcoach is a monster horse transport and RV in one that can tow up to 30,000 lbs.  The exterior of this 4 horse trailer features a hay pod, awnings, storage, a 32” Smart LED TV, radio, DVD player, and speakers.  The interior includes maple cabinets, a skylight over the shower, and enough room to do cart wheels.  This model of trailer also comes in 5 or 6 horse variations for a cool $449,000.


 Images: Equine Motor Coach Website

 9. Equicruiser Superspec Luxury Horsebox

The Equicruiser Superspec Luxury Horsebox is a gorgeous trailer/living quarters combo stalled for six horses and containing deep under-floor storage allowing you to carry all supplies and access them easily when you need them. On the exterior, you’ll find an electric barbecue for cookouts, a large awning for hanging out in the shade or avoiding rainfall while you have to be out and about, and an outdoor music system for parties between shows. Moving to the inside, the Superspec sports more entertainment options including a DVD player, digital media box, and a “mirror-media” flatscreen television that reflects as a mirror when not in use. The kitchen has a fridge-freezer combo and a water filtration system. Temperatures are kept perfect via digital AC, operable via remote control. For more details, check out the video

Images:  Screengrabs from Equicruiser YouTube Channel

 10.Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer

Other than comfortably hauling four horses, this Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer has everything one could want in an over-the-road living space with rustic charm to boot. The wooden cabinetry will keep you connected to the range no matter how many miles are logged and the inclusion of an inverter and generator delivers all the power that is necessary to maintain convenience even though you’re far from home. There is a television, antenna, CD/DVD players, AM/FM radio, and satellite dish for entertainment, a CO detector to ensure safety when gas is in use, and a powerful AC system for setting (and keeping) the right internal climate. While at just 36 and a half feet, it isn’t the longest of the luxury horse trailers on this list, it makes brilliant use of space and can comfortably sleep six

Images: P And P SalesF

 11. 2013 Sundowner Luxury Liner 3H Slant

The 2013 Sundowner Luxury Liner 3H is the pinnacle of luxury in equestrian transport and mobile living with enough space to accommodate three horses and a full family.  The amenities include a fireplace, dark glossy cabinetry, dishwasher, flat screen TV, and even a laundry machine.  Outdoor amenities include a built-in flatscreen TV for easy viewing while you’re parked at your event.  The trailer is fully automated and can be managed with a touch button control panel.

2013 Sundowner Luxury Liner

Images from D and D Farm Ranch Trailers Website

 12. 2017 Platinum Coach Outlaw 5 Horse Trailer

The new 2017 Platinum Coach Outlaw trailer can accommodate 5 horses with a 35’ length and 8’ width.  It comes with an air conditioner to keep you cool while you enjoy your LED HDTV, 72” sofa sleeper with leather top roll, and comfortable kitchen amenities.  Your horses will enjoy individual side windows and a gigantic tack storage area in the rear of the trailer.  This trailer is relatively inexpensive at only $98,857.


Images from Circle M Trailers Website

 13. 2016 Bloomer 4-Horse Trailer

The 2016 Bloomer 4-Horse Trailer delivers an intimate 36’8” setting with a spacious 8-foot width that is great for small families or crews of three. The kitchen and appliances give occupants the ability to fix a home-cooked meal, grab a hot shower, and manage temperature control with expert precision no matter what time of the year it is. Entertainment options include three LED TVs, walk-in closet, and satellite dish, while the on-board CO2 and smoke detectors ensure safety. Other furnishings travelers will love: the sofa bed, wardrobe closets, and recliners. All this for a mere $189,900.00


Images:  P And P Sales

 14. Rivenlee 48-Ft 7-Horse Trailer

Australian trailer company Rivenlee’s 48-Foot 7-Horse Trailer is the largest of the luxury horse trailers on this list, one of the most well-stocked, and a true sight to behold. Complete with three slide-outs, a separate main bed and bath, a kids bedroom, self-leveling system, three recessed awnings, and a deep cycle battery/inverter system, you’ll have all the amenities, space, and power that you need for the travel dates on your calendar. 

Images:  Rivenlee website

 15. Rivenlee 43-Ft 6-Horse Trailer

Only a little smaller than the No. 14 pick on our list, the Rivenlee 43-Foot 6-Horse Trailer brings the same attention to size utilization, amenities, and comfort as the 48-Foot model. Part of the lost space is made up for in the triple bunk that allows you to sleep as many people as the bigger model with less space. The split-deck trailer boasts bedrooms, bathroom and toilet on the upper deck, and bunks, kitchen and dinette on the lower. Handling is also superb with ABS disc brakes and air suspension. 

Images:  Rivenlee website

*Honorable Mention*

16. 2008 Sundowner

Here’s one last model that may be several years old, but still boasts the ultimate experience for luxury horse trailers! The 2008 Sundowner boasts 40-inch and 27-inch LCD televisions, country pine flooring, copper countertops, pillar fascias on both slide-outs, and an upgraded convection oven/microwave, to name a few of the value-adding features. With a leather sofa sleeper and eight feet of trailer width, you and your traveling companions will have plenty of room to move as a four-horse stable ensures the same for each of your four-legged traveling companions. The great thing about buying a little older — this normally $200k trailer is now available for less than $90,000 – is that it has got more going for it with regard to comfort and functionality than a lot of its 2016-2017 competition.

Images:  EquineRV (Website no longer available)

What qualities do you prefer in luxury horse trailers? Are amenities and space that important, and what features are the “must-haves”? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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