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Brad Heath: Founder and Designer of Double D Trailers

Brad Heath is the founder and designer of Double D Trailers. Brad’s mission is to build the safest horse trailers on the road for both owners and horses. He is the brain behind SafeTack, a horse trailer safety feature on U.S. patent that customers love at Double D Trailers.

Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers is a trailer manufacturing company specializing in horse trailers with the highest safety standards for both horses and handlers.

Founder and Owner

Brad Heath has owned and operated Double D Trailers since 1997. Brad’s firsthand experience of being a horse owner and what goes into the day-in and day-out of the equestrian lifestyle are what eventually led him to the horse trailer manufacturing business.

Growing up, Brad’s small-town family farm consisted of cattle, horses, turkeys, and more. He and his family ventured into business in 1994, opening a local retail store that sold horse feed, tack, cattle supplies, and hay equipment.

Dealing with livestock, Brad encountered many difficult-to-load horses. After going into the trailer manufacturing business in 1997 and seeing customer after customer still battle with loading and unloading their own horses, Brad decided that there had to be a better way to do horse trailers.

He went to work to design a trailer that would be more efficient and safer for both horses and handlers. After years of brainstorming and researching, Double D Trailers was awarded U.S. Patent #9132762 for the Safetack Reverse Slant Load Horse Trailer.

The unique trailer solution designed by Brad creates a more inviting and less stressful environment for horses and enhances the loading and unloading experience for handlers. The Safetack design has been a game changer in the horse trailer industry.

Today, Brad dedicates his time to working daily with clients to design their own custom horse trailers. Brad specializes in trailer design, safety, and innovation. His main goal is to help people create the horse trailers of their dreams and one that will last them a lifetime.

Horse Trailer Safety Expert

Equestrians and influencers regularly invite Brad Heath for interviews on horse trailer safety.

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Brad Heath has written several articles on horse trailer safety and SafeTack, Double D Trailers’ trademark, which have been featured and mentioned around the web.

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He is also president of App Crafters, INC., a company operating in the Computer Software Development and Applications business that helps entrepreneurs find the right tech solutions for their online businesses.

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