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Animal Guardians Horse Rescue – Ventura County, California

Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves

In the last 9 years, the Animal Guardians Horse Rescue has successfully rescued and retired over 50 horses with special needs into permanent loving homes. Through their detailed adoption process, they create excellent matches between horses and adopters, staying true to their motto – “Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves.”

Most of the horses at Animal Guardians Horse Rescue have special needs and are over twenty years old. Many of them are blind and all are treated with the best care possible in their various foster care locations.

Animal Guardians Horse Rescue is one of 30 rescues selected to participate in the national pilot training program with the HSUS Forever Foundation Training Program with Carter Ranch Horse. This program involves natural horsemanship training techniques, but each horse is unique, so each horse is trained based on its special needs.

Deborah Greene, the President of Animal Guardians Horse Rescue, says that one of her favorite success stories is about a rescue horse named Gitana. She shared Gitana's story during a recent interview:

“Gitana was only 3 years old and had been locked in a stall full of manure and muck for months until the L.A. City Animal Services confiscated her for cruelty and neglect. Gitana weighed a mere 425 lb. when she should have weighed at least 800 to 900 lb. at her height and age.

When we picked her up out of the West Valley Animal Shelter, she could hardly stand up. We found her shivering in the cold rain, lying in a ball with her head twisted the wrong way, unable to find the strength to even eat. When we loaded her onto the trailer, she nearly collapsed, but held on until we made it to the boarding stable where we kept her for almost a year.

She was so happy to have found her way out of Hell, and thoroughly enjoyed the care and attention given by our volunteers and boarding stable owner. Gitana made a full come back and miraculously ended up perfectly sound and healthy. She was adopted by a wonderful young woman in Thousand Oaks who trained her to sort cattle and do western riding & eventing. Gitana loves it.”

This individualized care is one of the aspects that makes Animal Guardians Horse Rescue so unique. Because this organization is so small, they are able to make sure each individual horse is loved and receives the best possible treatment.

Being small has challenges as well. Greene says they are “run completely by volunteerism and donations” and so they would benefit greatly from increased donations and corporate sponsorship. Their goal is to be able to purchase their own ranch to bring all their fostered horses into one sanctuary. You can help make this dream a reality by donating to Animal Guardians Horse Rescue today.

In addition to financial contributions, you can help this rescue organization by donating your time. Their biggest challenge is not having enough manpower – they especially need help from volunteers to run the behind-the-scenes operations. Volunteering at Animal Guardians Horse Rescue is an experience to be remembered, because they really are “an exemplary equine retirement sanctuary rescue and truly a rescue family!”

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Animal Guardians Horse Rescue, Inc.


Location: Ventura County, California

Donations: P.O. Box 941494, Simi Valley, CA 93094

If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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