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About Horse Rescue Corner:

Thousands of horses are abandoned, abused, and neglected each year in the United States.  Many of these forgotten animals meet sad endings in either slaughter houses or alone in empty pastures.  A lucky few are picked up by hard working equine rescue groups that help to rehabilitate, retrain, and rehome.  These organizations are staffed by people with big hearts and limited budgets.  They often rely heavily on donations from the public to fund and staff their efforts to rescue equine victims of abuse and neglect. 

It is our hope that the Horse Rescue Corner will serve as both an educational and search tool so that you can learn about local rescues in your state and contribute to the effort to protect horses and other equines across our nation. We've also set up the Horse Rescue Trailer Donation and Sharing Program in an effort to connect local citizens and rescues in need of horse trailers.

If you know of an organization that deserves recognition, please contact the HRC manager at rkraft@doubledtrailers.com.

Horse Rescue Trailer Donation and Sharing Program

Dozens of horse rescues across our country side are in desperate need of horse trailers.  Learn more about our Trailer Donation and Sharing Program HERE.  Find how how you can make a humongous difference in the lives of needy horses in your home county or state.  Our sharing program operates much like a car-pool.  Sign up with a specific rescue and have them contact you for use of your trailer in their times of need.  Or, if you're feeling especially generous, donate your old and unused trailer to a local rescue.  Learn more about this program and how to participate by clicking below:

>> Yes!  I want to learn more about the Horse Rescue Trailer Donation and Sharing Program.

Find a Horse Rescue Near Me

Are you ready to make a difference in your local horse community?  Search below to find a horse rescue in your home state or county.  Many of these rescues are looking for energetic volunteers to help with farm chores, horse care, and training.  If you're looking for a less sweaty way to help, they are also in need of monetary donations or used equipment like saddles, grooming brushes, water buckets, rakes, and wheel barrows.  Maybe you're thinking about a horse adoption?  Contact a rescue on this list to hear more about their application process and available horses.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of horses who have suffered from abuse and neglect.  Check out our listings below!


Willow Farms Community Horse Rescue – Loxley, AL

“The thing about Willow Farms rescue, is that it not only rescues animals, but it seems to rescue people as well. If you visit us, you will see the happiness that seems to surround the place.”

> Read More


Alaska Equine Rescue - Wasilla, Alaska

Horse rescue workers in Alaska have to deal with some unique challenges, but that doesn't stop them! They even have a scholarship program allowing law enfourcement and equine professionals to get their certifications.

> Read More


Apache Junction Horse Rescue - Apache Junction, Arizona

Potential adopters are encouraged to go on multiple trail rides in order to develop a partnership with their new horse companions.

> Read More


All About Equine - El Dorado Hills, CA

Read about a horse named Magic who was rescued from near death. All About Equine is located in El Dorado Hills, California.

> Read More

Animal Guardians Horse Rescue – Ventura County, California

In the last 9 years, the Animal Guardians Horse Rescue has successfully rescued and retired over 50 horses with special needs into permanent loving homes. Through their detailed adoption process, they create excellent matches between horses and adopters, staying true to their motto – “Joining Hearts & Hands to Hooves.”

> Read More

Coachella Valley Horse Rescue - Indio, California

Despite extreme desert conditions, this rescue operation stands strong in their efforts to help local horses. Learn which celebrities helped them start their organization!

> Read More

Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue - Valley Center, California

A rescue in California makes clever use of social media to showcase their horses. This allows potential adopters to watch horses regain health and progress through training.

> Read More

Horse Plus Humane Society - Newcastle, CA

Horse Plus is the world's largest Humane Society dedicated to horses with shelters across the nation. Learn more about Horse Plus and a special donkey named Ivy.

> Read More

Laughing Pony Rescue - Rancho Santa Fe, California

The Laughing Pony rescue uses a force of volunteers to help heal horses both physically and emotionally. In return, the workers find their own personal healing.

> Read More

Polo Pony Rescue - Santa Clarita, California

This team of talented rescue workers provides sanctuary for ex polo ponies. "There is nothing more gratifying than knowing you have completely changed the course of a horse's life."

> Read More

Pregnant Mare Rescue Foundation - Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County, CA

Pregnant Mare Rescue Foundation's efforts are focused on helping pregnant mares, mares with foals, and orphaned foals from all over the countryside. These stories can be particularly heartbreaking, but this sadness can be balanced out by the truly wonderful work being doing by this organization.

> Read More

Return to Freedom - Lompoc, California

This sanctuary is working hard to preserve wild horses and burros in our great American west. They are home to the DreamWorks inspiration "Spirit", and have actor and activist Robert Redford as a Director.

> Read More

Sadie's Haven Horse Rescue & Sanctuary - Santa Rosa, Ca

Sadie’s Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary feels that every horse deserves respectful and compassionate treatment.

> Read More

Saffyre Sanctuary - Los Angeles, California

The Saffyre Sanctuary uses holistic care to heal Arabians. They do everything from the horse’s perspective and even let the horses choose their own adopters.

> Read More

Sonoma Action for Equine Rescue - Sebastopol, California

SAFER operates a unique horse rescue model that includes a Donate A Bale program, free media listings, foster programs, and auction rescues.

> Read More

The DarkHorse Ranch - Morongo Valley, CA

Learn about a writer who uses her poetry to help rescue horses in California. She learned that, "No horse is exempt from falling onto hard times."

> Read More

Wild Horse Sanctuary - Shingletown, CA

This 5,000 acre sanctuary is dedicated to protecting and preserving wild horses and burros in the western part of our nation. 300 animals roam freely on these lands safe from the hands of those who would do them harm.

> Read More


Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc. - Oakville, MB, Canada

Irene Patterson, founder and director of Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc. saved horses single-handed for more than 20 years.

> Read More


Colorado Horse Education and Equine Rescue (C.H.E.E.R.) - Brighton, Colorado

"The stories we hold in our hearts, don't always have a happy ending...but we always do what is best for the magnificent horses we care for." (Amber Davis)

> Read More

Far View Horse Rescue - Fairplay, Colorado

A vibrant volunteer and education program at the Far View Horse Rescues serves as the heart and soul of this program.

> Read More

Front Range Equine Rescue - Fort Collins, CO

All of Front Range Equine Rescue’s horses owe their lives to a horse named Dancer. “Because of Dancer I realized other horses were in bad to even worse shape and needed help."

> Read More

Mountain Valley Horse Rescue - Eagle, Colorado

This horse rescue is half way to their $2 million goal so they can buy a permanent farm. Learn about their equine therapy and rescue program!

> Read More

Spring Creek Horse Rescue - Durango, Colorado

The Spring Creek Horse Rescue is celebrating 40 years of work! "Some of our incoming horses are in such bad shape when we get them that the change we see, with a little love, care, feed, and water, is AMAZING!"

> Read More


Beech Brook Farm – Mystic, Connecticut

A tiny mini horse was born with a lagging tongue and crooked legs, but he pulled through thanks to the rescue staff!

> Read More

H.O.R.S.E. of CT - Washington, CT

The H.O.R.S.E. of CT rescue allows people to sponsor a horse for $50 a month. This provides a great opportunity to make a difference even if you cannot adopt or volunteer in person.

> Read More


DreamCatchers Horse Ranch and Rescue – Clermont, FL

Many people who venture to central Florida are in search of Mickey Mouse and adventure parks. But the Dream Catchers Horse Ranch and Rescue, located just 30 minutes from Disney World, is more focused on rescuing horses and transforming their lives.

> Read More

Front Range Equine Rescue - Ocala, FL

All of Front Range Equine Rescue’s horses owe their lives to a horse named Dancer. “Because of Dancer I realized other horses were in bad to even worse shape and needed help.”

> Read More

Horse Protection Association of Florida - Micanopy, Florida

This rescue gained steam after the devastating Hurricane Andrew swept through in August of 1992. Today, they have a beautiful 150 acre farm.

> Read More

Triple L Horse Rescue – Hilliard, Florida

Sometimes success is measured in knowing you were there for that soul that had no one until you were there for it and helped it cross on from this world to greener pastures. That too, is success.

> Read More

Triple R Horse Rescue – Tallahassee, Florida

Linda Bruns said that many of the horses “came to us as walking skeletons and are now living to ripe old ages. Some came as babies so filled with worms the vet was sure they wouldn’t live — yet today they are on the eventing circuit.” The joy and hope that comes from nursing a horse back to life keeps Linda and volunteers at Triple R going.

> Read More


Save the Horses - Cumming, Georgia

25,000 volunteer hours per year allow this organization to rescue retired racehorses and other abandoned equines.

> Read More

Second Chances Equine Rescue – Hinesville, Georgia

Founder Andrea L. Doolittle has seen how the healing power of horses can have a positive effect on the many members of the military who visit her rescue. Helping these rescue horses overcome their physical and mental injuries allows the military volunteers to find peace and friendship.

> Read More

Stamp Out Starvation of Horses – Clarksville, Georgia

Stamp Out Starvation of Horses, or SOS, is located in a very rural part of North Georgia. Much of the area is poverty-stricken, and as a result, many owners are unable to provide for their horses. Many people leave their horses in their yards, in poor conditions and without enough food. To combat this problem, Sue Chapman organized SOS, and it made an immediate impact on the horse community in Georgia.

> Read More


Idaho Horse Rescue - Eagle, Idaho

Learn about a horse rescue located in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. They work to build trust with abused horses and counsel local residents on how to recognize and report cases of abuse.

> Read More

Miracle Horse Rescue and Sanctuary - Midvale, Idaho

It took six trips to move 35 horses from Nevada to Idaho, but it was worth it for this rescue filled with mostly elderly equines.

> Read More

Orphan Acres - Viola, Idaho

Since 1975, this rescue has helped adopted out 2,890 horses. They have gathered many fascinating stories along the way including several ‘celebrity’ horses.

> Read More


Field of Dreams Horse Rescue and Adoption (FOD) – St. Charles, IL

Learn about the story of one successful racehorse that found himself on hard times. Luckily, the Field of Dreams Horse Rescue was able to help if find a new lease on life.

> Read More


Horse Heaven Rescue - Runnells, Iowa

A rescue farm in Runnells, Iowa uses rescued horses to help children through equine therapy. Kids from 'at-risk' situations or those with medical conditions find healing from this volunteer-run farm.

> Read More


Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue – Meriden, Kansas

Freeman Arabian Ranch & Rescue sits on thirty-nine lush acres of land in Meriden, Kansas. Some of that land is part of a wildlife refuge, and all of it is home to a herd of Arabian horses that will spend the remainder of their days happy, healthy, and well-cared for.

> Read More

Rainbow Meadows Ranch - Sedan, Kansas

Imagine 240 acres of land with a herd of 50 rescued horses roaming freely! It sounds like a horse paradise to us. The Rainbow Meadows Ranch is a beautiful facility with a caring staff.

> Read More


Kentucky Equine Humane Center - Nicholasville, KY

This horse rescue takes on the most severe rehab cases and succeeds! They are an all-breed rescue serving horses in Kentucky.

> Read More


Gaited Advocate Intervention Team – Boyds, Maryland

GAIT is on a mission to rescue gaited horses and other at-risk equines from slaughter, abuse, and neglect. GAIT is unique because of their national presence and because they are one of the only horse rescues specializing in gaited horses.

> Read More

Lilly Pond Foal Rescue - Calvert County, Maryland

This unique rescue takes in orphaned foals and rescued horses from the slaughter auction. They work hard to provide these young horses with a solid foundation in their training.

> Read More

Lost and Found Horse Rescue - Germantown, Maryland

Located just outside the nation’s capital, the folks at LFHR overcome financial hardship to help horses, donkeys, and mules.

> Read More

Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue - Chesapeake City, MD

What happens after the finish line? This rescue works to save young thoroughbred racehorses who need a second chance.

> Read More


Central New England Equine Rescue - West Brookfield, MA

A mother and daughter originally teamed up to rescue just two horses. Today, they have successfully helped over 165 horses!

> Read More


Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation - Zimmerman, Minnesota

An annual Trainer’s Challenge lets local horse trainers work with untried rescue animals. This program helps adopt 95% of the challenge horses.

> Read More


Horse Haven Montana – Frenchtown, Montana

The folks at Horse Haven Montana are spreading the word about abused and neglected horses through an international equine film festival. In their day-to-day work, they also help retired ranch and border patrol horses find new homes.

> Read More

Western Montana Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation - Corvallis, Montana

Every horse rescue works with limited resources, but this rescue operates without even a permanent facility to call home! Still, they are making a difference in the lives of neglected equines within the state.

> Read More

Wings Programs - Corvallis, Montana

What happens when a loving owner passes away and their horses are left behind? For this horse rescue, it was the start of an organization that saves horses on an ongoing basis.

> Read More


Curly Horse Rescue - Nationwide

This wide reaching rescue operation helps Curly horses find loving homes. Curly horses are a unique breed with long curly coats.

> Read More

Forever Morgans - Nationwide

A virtual rescue helps Morgan horses through a network of foster homes nationwide. They have foster homes, homes, volunteers, and Board members spread from coast to coast and are represented in almost every state.

> Read More

Lipizzan Rescue Foundation – Nationwide

These horses are a unique and royal breed, but they are in danger. With less than 12,000 Lipizzans left worldwide, and less than 1,200 in the United States, the breed is threatened with extinction

> Read More


Double R Horse Rescue – Riverdale, Nebraska

The Double R Horse Rescue works hard to find the perfect fit for both the horse and the new owner to ensure everyone is safe and happy.

> Read More


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New Hampshire

Live and Let Live Farm - Chichester, NH

This is the largest animal rehabilitation rescue in the Northern Northeast. Learn how this once tiny operation has grown to help over 60 horses at a time!

> Read More

New Jersey

Bergen County Horse Rescue – Mahwah, NJ

BCHR is located on a farm that originally started as a boarding facility. The farm managers realized very early on that their farm was destined for a greater purpose. After fending off several aggressive offers from real estate developers, they were able to get the land officially preserved. In 2016, they reformed as a horse rescue and began taking on new horses in need.

> Read More

Manes and Tails Organization - Hoboken, NJ

This rescue uses a "free-lease" program instead of adoption. The owner will always take the horses back and reserves the right to recall a horse for any reason.

> Read More

New York

Begin Again Horse Ranch – Lima, NY

Drive a half-hour south of Rochester to Lima, NY. There, you will find a farm like no other. Started by a band of 3 friends, each already rescuing horses on their own, who decided to work together to strengthen their efforts.

> Read More

Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue - Dover Plains, NY

Go check out the permanent residents of the Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue in Dover Plains, NY. Experience a wide range of therapeutic and educational programs.

> Read More

North Carolina

Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement - High Point, North Carolina

What started as a love of rescuing dogs transformed into a horse rescue and sanctuary for senior horses. Now they are a Global Federation Animal Sanctuaries certified farm.

> Read More

Southern Sun Farms Sanctuary – Glendale Springs, NC

Nestled against the Blue Ridge of the North Carolina High Country, you will find a special haven for recovering animals. The Southern Sun Farm Sanctuary makes it their mission to help protect and care for a variety of horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, raccoons and even deer fawns.

> Read More


Horse Feathers Equine Center – Guthrie, Oklahoma

At this rescue, the staff and horses help rehabilitate veterans with PTSD and trauma.

> Read More

Horse Plus Humane Society - Norman, OK

Horse Plus is the world's largest Humane Society dedicated to horses with shelters across the nation. Learn more about Horse Plus and a special donkey named Ivy.

> Read More


Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch - Tumalo, Oregon

They found inspiration in a little horse that survived two gunshots to the head. Now, the Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is a powerhouse program that is making a difference in the lives of both equines and children.

> Read More

Equine Outreach - Bend, Oregon

Who says rescue horses can't have stellar bloodlines? This organization rescued a descendant of Secretariat when she was found in a herd of starving thoroughbreds.

> Read More

Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue - Sheridan, OR

Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue works alongside Animal Control to provide a safe haven for horses and other animals. The husband/wife duo have provided care to over 300 horses in the last 5.5 years.

> Read More

Linn County Animal Rescue - Lebanon, OR

Two white mares become best friends after being rescued in Oregon. Learn more about how this operation helps save the most desperate of horses.

> Read More

Project Spirit Equine Rescue & Rehab - Klamath Co., Oregon

The founders saw a horse named Spirit suffer in 1989 and vowed to never let it happen again. Loving volunteers continue to work in honor of this promise.

> Read More

Strawberry Mountain Mustangs - Roseburg, Oregon

This rescue takes in law enforcement neglect cases that often include Hennecke body scores of 1. Sometimes, the horses are brought in simply because the owners don't know how to properly feed their animals over the long hard winters.

> Read More


Last Chance Ranch – Quakertown, PA

This chestnut beauty only survived because of their hard work and loving care. Learn about the horse rescue efforts of Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown, PA. They are always in need of volunteers and donations.

> Read More

Rhode Island

Horse Play Rescue & Sanctuary - Rhode Island

This horse rescues uses a unique ‘natural’ approach to train their horses to ride bitless and live the herd lifestyle.

> Read More

South Carolina

HOPE Acres Rescue - Berkeley, S. Carolina

After only five years in existence, HOPE Acres Rescue has already built a strong rescue program with rehabilitation, retraining, and adoption.

> Read More


Hickory Hill Farm - Mt Juliet, TN

Learn about a horse named Gummi who helps children to read with confidence! This is just one of the programs at Hickory Hill Farm in Tennessee. Their mission is to RESCUE, PLAY, HEAL with both humans and horses.

> Read More

Horse Plus Humane Society - Centerville, TN

Horse Plus is the world's largest Humane Society dedicated to horses with shelters across the nation. Learn more about Horse Plus and a special donkey named Ivy.

> Read More


Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society - College Station, Texas

What can you do with 120 days? This Texas horse rescue holds an annual event to train rescued horses in just four months.

> Read More

The Love Angus Foundation - Houston, TX and West Indies

This organization works to rescue horses on the island of Jamaica. Many of these horses are abandoned along side the road after failed racing careers.

> Read More

Throwaway Ponies - Farmersville, TX

A 79-year-old volunteer spent 3-4 hours in a scared horse's pen for several weeks until he gained her trust. This rescue helps retirees regain a sense of purpose and a more positive outlook on life.

> Read More

Wings And Reins, Equine Refuge, Inc. - Devine, Texas

A retired show jumper starts a rescue that specializes in retraining aggressive horses. "Our belief is that their is no such thing as a mean horse, they were not born mean, people made them that way."

> Read More


Front Range Equine Rescue - Bristow, VA

All of Front Range Equine Rescue’s horses owe their lives to a horse named Dancer. “Because of Dancer I realized other horses were in bad to even worse shape and needed help."

> Read More

Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue - Hardy, Virginia

A mare fell through the floor of her trailer while traveling. The staff at RVHR was able to rehabilitate her injuries and share an important lesson on trailer safety.

> Read More


Iberian Horse Rescue - Ellensburg, Washington

What started as a Facebook networking group transformed into a rescue for Iberian horses. "We will try to help any Iberian horse no matter its location."

> Read More

SAFE Horse Rescue - Woodinville, Washington

The SAFE Horse Rescue in Washington state has an impressive retraining program to help their horses be "good equine citizens." One of their greatest success stories is a mare that went on to compete in dressage championships!

> Read More

Sunrise Equine Rescue - Grapeview, Washington

This organization provides equine therapy for local nursing home residents and disabled children. The rescue horses are an integral part of this service.

> Read More

West Virginia

Heart of Phoenix - Huntington, West Virginia

This rescue helped a pony named Turner survive an injured leg so that he could be adopted to a new family.

> Read More


American Standardbred Adoption Program - La Crosse, Wisconsin

What happens to a Standardbred harness racer that no one wants to race anymore? This rescue helps retrain and rehome these retired athletes.

> Read More

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