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Apache Junction Horse Rescue - Apache Junction, Arizona

Using Trail Rides to Create a Partnership

apache junction pic 2Apache Junction Horse Rescue is located in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona. We spoke with co-founder James Moyle to learn about their organization. “In 2006 we had seen a large increase of abused and neglected horses,” he shared.

“Over a course of the year we were offed a throw away horse. Sonja not only became our first rescue but our logo and poster horse. My wife, Glenda, adopted her and they have become inseparable.”
AJHR received a great number of horses including those who had been abused, neglected, abandoned, or donated. They deal with horses who are underweight, need hoof care, those with bellies full of sand, or even some with flesh eating bacteria.

James talked to us about how they rehabilitate the horses. “We start with a veterinarian check first. Than a diet designed specifically for that horse. Than we move on chiropractic adjustment, to very light exercise,” he shared. Although chiropractic work is not common, he explained, “The way a horse responds to chiropractic care amazing!”

Next comes the retraining process. James explained, “That is we start at the very beginning with earning the horse's trust and respect. During the training we make sure they do not spook at bags, shadows, or saddles. Walks, trot without any issues. Than we take them out on the trail a couple times a week.”

apache junction pic 2The AJHR feels it is very important for potential adopters to develop a partnership with their horse before taking ownership. That is why they are asked to go on at least three trail rides with the last one being two hours long.

James feels that each horse that goes to its ‘forever’ home is a success. He continued, “When you deliver a horse and you see the excitement, smiles on the faces, and how the children all light up; it seems like each horse that goes to a forever home is a great success.”

What makes this rescue tick is its team of devoted volunteers. James proudly shared stories of one girl that went on to be a veterinarian, one in competitive show jumping, and a third who came straight from Germany. “We’re lucky to be friends with them over ten years, and watch as they grow up. Each volunteer has a unique and undeniable love for horses.”

Get Involved:

Apache Junction Horse Rescue
Location: Apache Junction, AZ
Donate: 4896 N Vista Rd Apache Junction AZ 85119

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