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Arabian Rescue Mission - Colesville, New Jersey & Leitchfield, Kentucky

When Terry Figueroa set her mind to helping a herd of horses in 2002, she made a decision to do whatever it took to save them.

She had to purchase the horses from a neglectful owner, which was no small task, but Terry knew she couldn’t let them down. “I refinanced my house, took extra jobs, did catering, anything I could to earn the money needed to purchase and move them east,” remembers Terry.

Through her selfless efforts, Terry was able to rescue the horses and transfer them back to New Jersey, becoming acutely aware of how many other Arabians were in dire circumstances in the process. With the help of her friend, CJ, Terry purchased a farm to expand their efforts and applied for 501(c)3 status in 2007. Arabian Rescue Mission now accepts all horses, both Arabians and other breeds, at their two locations. Some of these are permanent residents that will remain at the facility for the rest of their days, due to age, disability, or emotional or physical trauma.

Each horse that arrives at ARM is individually evaluated, after which strict feeding and medical protocols are adhered to. After initial intake, each horse receives a checkup every two weeks to ensure they are making healthy progress. With over 45 years of experience with horses, Terry is able to serve as nutritional specialist, as well as evaluate each horse’s temperament and experience before training begins.

Once the horses have been rehabilitated and their skills evaluated they begin in dressage to teach them aids and get them started with riders. “I am a firm believer in all horses and riders beginning with dressage basics to be more effective in communication,” says Terry.

At ARM they know it is important to remember that oftentimes, horses fall on hard times because their owners have fallen on hard time. “Horses in decline are usually due to economic loss, medical issues or age related problems,” states Terry. For this reason, ARM implemented their owner-assistance program, known as EDRF. As Terry states, “because others look for public outcry and prosecution, many owners fear the consequences of their challenges, or are afraid and embarrassed to ask for help until it is almost too late.” Terry’s goal was to create a place where owners could go when times were tough. “We choose to help the owners, without judgement and retribution, instead focusing on what is in the best interest of the horses,” she explains.

Over the years, ARM has been able to help an incredible amount of horses, including the Ohio and West Virginia herds, which saw them take in and rehome a total of 80 horses. Their ability to handle this type of situation has made them a go-to for herd rescues across the country.

Please use the information below to find out how you can help Terry and everyone at ARM continue moving forward with their dream.

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Arabian Rescue Mission

Colesville, New Jersey & Leitchfield, Kentucky



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