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B & C Equine Rescue Inc. - Carbondale, Kansas

“Seeing photos of the adopted horses being loved and cared for is one of our greatest successes.”

The story of B & C Equine Rescue began long before the organization itself. On Brenda’s 16th birthday her parents gave her a horse rescued from a kill buyer lot.  Brenda named him Tony, he became her best friend living to be 38 years old.  When Brenda lost Tony, she knew she wanted to turn that loss into something positive. That was the beginning of the dream for B & C Equine Rescue.  A dream which Brenda and her husband, Cecil, built into a reality for so many horses that need a home, just like Tony.

horse rescue kansasAt B & C Equine Rescue, Brenda and Cecil take in any horse, regardless of breed or size. “From mini’s to Belgians and everything in between, B & C will not turn down any animal needing rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing and sanctuary,” says Cassandra Fraga. “Building the additional barn last year to help even more horses was a great success.”

When horses arrive at B & C the first step is the vet, dentist and farrier determining what happened to leave the horse in the shape they are now “Finding out if the feet or teeth are a cause of malnourishment is key,” explains Cassandra. This focus on the cause of the problem allows them to form an individualized plan based on the complete picture from these experts, ensuring that each horse is able to heal both physically and emotionally while at B & C.

Brenda believes that love and patience are of the utmost importance in helping that healing take place. Using the trust that they build with each horse, they are able to place the animal in various situations, over time, to ensure that the horse is ready for their new home.

Using a strong online presence, B & C works to attract potential adopters to the various events and open houses that they host throughout the year.  This allows them to begin the application process by matching adopter to horse depending on human need and horse ability. “Seeing photos of the adopted horses being loved and cared for is one of our greatest successes,” says Cassandra.

Cassandra’s time at B&C began as a patron of the rescue, when her daughter wanted nothing more than to ride a horse.  After much location searching Cassandra decided to celebrate her daughter’s fourth birthday by bringing her Girl Scout troop to B & C.  After the success of the party, Cassandra and her daughter continued to attend events and four years ago, Cassandra was asked to join the B&C team on the board. “My daughter is now 11 and we both volunteer doing whatever Brenda directs us to do,” she recounts. “The things that sets them apart is that Brenda and Cecil welcome everyone into their hearts. Be it horses, dogs, cats, birds or humans; you will be provided a safe, loving environment the minute you step foot around these two loving people.”

Please use the information below to help Brenda and Cecil to continue their dream of helping horses like Tony find their homes.

B & C Equine Rescue Inc.

Carbondale, Kansas


If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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