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Bay State Equine Rescue - Oakham, Massachusetts

“Everyday we learn from the horses that find shelter here. Their strength and courage in the face of tremendous adversity has taught us lessons of acceptance, forgiveness and perseverance.”

When Bay State Equine Rescue was founded in 2002, its members began by asking themselves a single very important question: what exactly are our goals here? While they knew that they wanted to rescue and rehabilitate as many horses as possible from abuse, neglect and slaughter, they also realized that there was more to it than that. They understood that while they needed to fight to be the solution for these horses, they also needed to address and face the problems that necessitated the conversation.

The mission at Bay State Equine Rescue is, first and foremost, to preserve equine integrity through care that provides physical, mental and emotional health. In efforts to address the larger picture, Bay State also fights to raise public awareness for these horses through regional youth education, legislation, horsemanship education, animal care awareness and community service opportunities.

Bay State Equine accept horses of all breeds and sizes. As they say, “we accept all equines that are void of a human advocate, abused, neglected or abandoned.” Once horses arrive at Bay State they are evaluated and staff works in direct contact with their veterinarian to create a plan tailored to the specific needs of each individual horse. Once the horses are ready, they work with a trainer to learn groundwork, ring work and riding when applicable.

Horses typically spend more than a year at Bay State, healing and finding their way. This allows staff to make a clear determination of what the horse needs and wants, and what sort of environment will best suit them in the future. “We spend a lot of time with each and every horse. We strive to bring out their personalities and help them find enjoyment in their days,” says Bay State staff. “Everyday we learn from the horses that find shelter here. Their strength and courage in the face of tremendous adversity has taught us lessons of acceptance, forgiveness and perseverance.”

Bay State recognizes that education is one of the most important tools for ending the abuse and neglect of these animals. They host clinics and work with various resources to help owners research, create plans and make realistic decisions regarding their position in a horse’s life. They also extend invitations to youth groups to visit their facility and learn responsible horsemanship and animal care. In further efforts, Bay State works with local legislators to tackle the issue of slaughter of US horses. Although slaughter on US soil was banned in 2007, over 100,000 US horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico from auctions for this same purpose every year. Visit their website to learn more about current legislation and find out how you can become involved in your area to address this issue.

All of the work here is done by volunteers and funded by donations from caring individuals. Use the information below to find out how to donate funds and time and become part of the Bay State Equine Rescue family.

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Bay State Equine Rescue

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