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Best 2024 Trucks for Towing

Last updated January 3, 2024 by OC Welch Ford

Horse owners who utilize a trailer want to have the right truck to transport these animals properly. Getting the right truck can go a long way when you are looking for the perfect partner for your trailer from Double D Trailers.

How can you find it? In this article, you can get more information on the qualities of a truck that you should look for. You will also get some tips for driving with a trailer, understanding towing capacity and payload, and some of the towing features that you should consider.

The Qualities of a Truck for Towing


white tundra truck towing a bumper pull horse trailerAs you search for a truck that can easily connect to a trailer, you want to be aware of certain aspects that can make your decision easier.

For example, the best place to start is with towing capacity. This can be found on most manufacturers’ websites and details how much your truck can tow when properly equipped.

A detail that helps you identify this is the engine in the truck. The amount of horsepower and torque that an engine produces can determine how much towing capacity you have to be able to transport a trailer. When exploring a specific model, you want to see what engine options are available for a truck and how much towing capacity can be obtained.

There are many other factors that aid in performance. The engine combined with the transmission can also influence how much capability you have and how smooth your ride will be. You also want to consider everything from the type of tires you have on the vehicle to any additional performance aspects that can add weight to your vehicle.


Safety is a priority for all drivers. In most cases, we think of safety as ways that your vehicle is looking out for you while you are driving. This can be through technology features or the overall construction of the vehicle to create a safe and secure space.

Many trucks also offer safety features that are valuable tools for navigating the roads while you have a trailer connected. This can include everything from technology that gives you better sightlines and awareness of your surroundings to an easier connection for your trailer and cameras that allow you to navigate with your trailer connected.

You will want to explore safety features that protect everyone involved in your travels. You want to keep your truck and trailer safe, but also you as a driver, any passengers you have, and your horses as well. Using this innovative technology can go a long way to making your travels easier and giving you peace of mind while on the road.

Understanding Towing Capacity and Payload

As you search for a truck that can safely tow your trailer and make travels easier, you want to have a full understanding of what your truck can handle. You will see various figures about the weight your truck can pull and how it can achieve the results you desire.

There are two common terms you will see when researching these options: towing capacity and payload. Towing capacity is the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can tow while pulling a trailer. Payload is the amount of weight a vehicle can carry, usually referring to the weight in the truck bed.

As you compare different truck models, you want to consider your own needs. A truck that is “Best in Class” in towing capacity and can handle the heaviest workload you have may not be what fits your needs the best.

When you are thinking about a truck, consider the number of additional amenities it can offer. In some cases, options like leather seating, panoramic roofs, or bigger cabs can add weight to the truck itself and limit your payload capacity. You will also find in your research that different engines can produce different towing capacities.

You want to consider how much of an upgrade you need to reach the highest towing capacity, so think about what each make’s standard engine can provide, then consider the available engine options to reach the desired output you need.

white chevy truck pulling a living quarters horse trailerTowing Features to Consider

When deciding on a truck for towing purposes, there are various features you can consider that can make for a better towing experience. For example, as you look through engine options, you may find that there are standard gas engines and available diesel engine options. A diesel engine can be great for towing because it provides a lot of low-end torque.

Another feature to consider is the need for 4-wheel drive. If you have the need to navigate more challenging roads and need 4-wheel drive capability, you should absolutely choose a vehicle that offers it. However, a 4-wheel drive system adds more weight to your vehicle, which hinders your towing capacity and payload, so consider how much you will require the use of 4-wheel drive in your travels.

You also have options when choosing your cab and truck bed. These choices can influence the weight of the vehicle and how much capacity you have but also should be chosen based on your needs. If you require a larger cab for more passengers or want to utilize more space with a larger truck bed, you may be able to opt for the standard truck bed of eight feet and a crew cab, which gives you four doors and rear seating.

Finally, there are some technology features that you can consider. We already highlighted some of them above, but you want to always stay protected and have a smooth ride that you can completely control. Options like a Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Trailer Sway Control, and various camera options that can show your surroundings and even the interior of your trailer can go a long way.

Ways to Maximize Your Towing Capacity

You can get quality towing capacity by simply choosing a vehicle that possesses an engine that provides a lot of power. You can also make other choices that help maximize your towing capacity to reach new heights with your capabilities on the road.

Check out these options that can help you improve your towing capacity:

  • Upgrade the Hitch – By choosing a greater class of trailer hitch, you can get more of a boost in your vehicle’s towing ability. Make sure your vehicle can accommodate the upgrade before making the change.
  • Install a Weight-Distribution Hitch – A weight-distribution hitch uses spring bars to make sure the load on your trailer is level. This helps you stay balanced and can reduce trailer sway.
  • Upgrade the Brakes – One of the limits you can have on towing is how much your vehicle’s brakes can handle. Making an upgrade can help you get more out of your towing capacity.
  • Replace the Axles – By choosing to replace the axles, you can get a better version built for the demands of towing a trailer.
  • Add a Bigger Radiator – A bigger radiator can help improve your engine’s cooling capacity. This creates less of a strain on your engine and can reduce wear and tear overtime while allowing you to pull more weight.

Tips for Smart and Safe Driving with a Trailer

Now that you know some of the details about what can enhance your towing capacity and maximize your performance, you want to do everything you can as a driver to maximize your capacity but also be safe. There are a few things you can do that contribute to how you can be safer and smarter on the roads.

When traveling with a trailer in tow, you want to consider your speed. By adding more weight to your vehicle with the addition of a trailer, it will take longer for you to get up to speed. It can be a lot safer and smarter to ride in the right lane, which can also help you save on gas from more efficient driving.

As a result of the additional weight, it also takes more time for your vehicle to come to a complete stop. This means you want to leave more room between vehicles for a safer trip, so you have more time to react to what is in front of you and keep everyone who rides with you safe. This also promotes safety for the drivers around you.

You should also consider the weight of both the vehicle and the trailer. Make sure everything is evenly distributed to keep your ride moving forward properly. Load your trailer to have 60 percent or more of the trailer’s weight at the front end of the rig. This prevents the trailer from being “tail heavy.”

While you may be thinking a lot about the weight of your trailer, you also need to consider the height of the trailer. As you drive, make sure you have clearance at the top of your trailer for easy passage under any bridges. Knowing the height of your trailer can also help you avoid low clearance areas that can create an issue.

There are two other safety tips you can consider. First, your vehicle will be equipped with mirrors that can show you a majority of your vehicle but don’t necessarily account for having a trailer in tow. You can add extended side-view mirrors that allow you to get a better view of the trailer as well as the side of your vehicle to give you a better viewpoint.

grey truck parked with a grey gooseneck horse trailer attachedFinally, pre-planning your route can help you make sure you avoid any unnecessary turns or reversing that can be challenging with a trailer in tow. Use a navigation system or plan your route so you can find the easiest path to your destination while you are towing.

Best 2024 Truck Models for Towing

There are many makes and models of trucks out there, so how can you determine which is the best for your needs to tow your horse trailer? There are many areas to look at.

First, you can use the areas and qualities listed above to narrow down the options. You want to explore the variety of truck brands, such as Ford, Ram, Chevy, and more, and compare towing capacity, payload, towing accessories, and engine performance to see what provides the most for what you need.

Of course, you can also explore areas outside of towing that can make a difference in your driving experience. You want to have an interior that allows you comfort while you travel and provides space for the items you need. You want an exterior that gives ground clearance and has the performance capability to navigate any road easily. You want plenty of truck bed capacity for the other items you need outside of your trailer.

Ultimately, you know what you need from your vehicle. You want to find something equipped for towing that also offers everything you need to be at your best and make your travels a success.

You can contact a local dealership or explore manufacturer websites to get the information you need to narrow down your options and find the best 2024 truck for towing your horse trailer.

Choose the Trailer for You

If you decide on one of these trucks for your towing needs and want to pair it with one of the easy-to-use and reliable trailers we have here at Double D Trailers, explore what we have available. From the operation of your truck to the trust in our trailers to get your horses everywhere you want to go, we can supply you with what you need for safe travels.

If you have any questions about the trailers we have available or how you can utilize them to maximum potential, we want you to reach out to us. We are happy to help you find a trailer that is easy to navigate and keeps your horses happy as you make your journey to new adventures.

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