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December 24, 2023
How to Tow a Bumper Pull Horse Trailer: A Safety Guide 101

Knowing how to tow a bumper pull horse trailer safely and efficiently is pivotal for both the trailer’s performance and the quality of your experience. If you already own a BP horse trailer, you’re likely to understand most of the possible safety concerns and issues. Still, there’s plenty to be shared and discussed on this […]

December 24, 2023
23 Horse Trailer Types to Know: Which One Should I Buy?

Ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering which horse trailer is the perfect fit for you and your four-legged friend? With a sea of choices out there, it's essential to get it right. And here's why: A recent 2022 study by Riley, Rogers, et al. showed a staggering 71% of horse injuries in New Zealand […]

December 24, 2023
Horse Trailer Safety Standards Guide: Ensuring Equine Welfare

Trailering horses may seem like a straightforward task, but it takes a lot of planning and consideration of dozens of important factors, starting with safety. This is the primary concern related to equine welfare during transportation. Learning all about the various horse trailer safety standards applicable today is crucial for choosing the ultimate trailer. By […]

December 24, 2023
Horse Trailer Cost: Prices and Guide on Buying Wisely

So, you're eyeing a horse trailer – but wait, new or used? New ones can be a hefty investment, and if you're new to this, a used option might seem wallet-friendly. Going for a used horse trailer can be smart if you want savings. You'll also get a feel for what you like before splurging […]

December 24, 2023
Bumper Pull vs Gooseneck: Choosing the Right Horse Trailer

Did you know that the first recorded attempt to transport a horse using a trailer dates back to the 18th century? Things have changed a lot since 1771, though. Today, we have two popular types of horse trailers to choose from: bumper pulls and goosenecks. If you’ve always wondered which design is better, this guide […]

December 24, 2023
3-Horse Bumper Pull Trailers: Buy the Best on the Market

Did you know that you can enjoy a high-quality, brand-new 3-horse trailer without necessarily breaking the bank or opting for a gooseneck? 3-horse bumper pulls are often the perfect solution for equestrians who need spacious, affordable trailers, as long as the latter can accommodate their horses safely and comfortably. After all, horse trailer transportation is […]

December 24, 2023
Top Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Living Quarters Accessories

"There’s no way a bumper pull horse trailer with living quarters could provide proper accommodation and safe transportation of both horses and humans. It’s always better to opt for a gooseneck living quarters horse trailer instead.” Some horse owners honestly believe this is true, and they have a point. Bumper pull horse trailers with living […]

December 24, 2023
Navigating Horse Trailer Laws for Responsible Ownership

Horse trailer laws and federal safety regulations are requirements and advisories that manufacturers and owners must comply with - they define the authoritative standards for manufacturing, selling, and operating horse trailers in the U.S. Did you know that staying compliant not only exemplifies responsible ownership but also ensures the safety of your horses? Grasping these […]

December 24, 2023
Quality Assurance: Excel in Horse Trailer Manufacturing

In the world of equine transportation, quality assurance in horse trailer manufacturing stands as the sentinel of safety, reliability, and excellence. Quality assurance (QA) is a systematic process that ensures the quality of a particular production process and the finished products. Have you ever wondered about the detailed process behind the robust, sleek trailers that […]

December 24, 2023
6 Most Popular Bumper Pull Horse Trailers: Best and Worst

There are 6 types of bumper pull horse trailers, based on their popularity: 1-horse, 2-horse, 3-horse, and 4-horse models, alongside bumper pull horse trailers with living quarters and aluminum bumper pull horse trailers. Supply and demand outline their popularity: they’re searched for the most by potential clients and also most frequently listed on specialized horse […]

December 24, 2023
How is a Horse Trailer Made [A Buyer's Complete Guide]

The manufacturing of a horse trailer is a meticulous orchestration of design, materials, and craftsmanship that culminates in a vehicle designed for the safe and comfortable transport of horses. It's where blueprints come to life, transforming raw materials into gleaming trailers that both riders and horses can trust. Not understanding the manufacturing process puts you […]

December 24, 2023
A Buyer's Guide to Horse Trailer Materials and Parts

Materials and build quality define a horse trailer’s safety, and some horse owners learn this the hard way. For horse owners like Amy Chenard, this realization dawned not in a calm reflective moment, but in the turbulent aftermath of an accident. In March 2023, while on the road, Amy experienced every horse owner's worst nightmare: […]

December 24, 2023
The Smart Guide to Bumper Pull Horse Trailers: Features, Parts

It's hard to make an informed buying decision when you’re on the hunt for the ideal bumper pull horse trailer. This quest is full of aspects and nuances to consider to determine the perfect solution for you. We understand this, which is why we’ll cover everything you need to know about bumper pull horse trailers […]

December 24, 2023
Bumper Pull Horse Trailers: Price Ranges to Unseen Costs (A Detailed Breakdown)

Bumper pull horse trailer costs are a complex matter that requires a detailed outlook. If you’re in the market for a new BP trailer and you’ve never been down that road, you should have a clear understanding of how retail prices are formed and what they comprise. You should also be aware of all related […]

December 24, 2023
Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Accessories

When diving into the world of horse trailers, the vast array of customization options stands out. Horse trailer accessories, whether added during manufacturing or after purchase, amplify the trailer’s functionality and safety. Browsing this vast market is always exciting, but it can also be overwhelming for first-time horse trailer owners.  The available variety of custom, […]

December 24, 2023
Buying the Best 1-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer: A Practical Guide

Did you know that finding the best 1-horse bumper pull trailer can be a bit of a challenge? It’s a painstaking process of matching your horse’s size to countless makes and models’ dimensions, not to mention that you must pick the right materials and safety features. Soon-to-be horse trailer owners may find 1-horse bumper pulls […]

December 24, 2023
Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Parts & Accessories: Top Brands

The importance of bumper pull horse trailer accessories is undisputed. They have the power to transform a regular model into a custom rig that fits your needs to the fullest and boasts uncompromised safety, practicality, and longevity. Whether you're considering factory-included upgrades or contemplating aftermarket additions, understanding the extensive range of available accessories ensures you […]

December 24, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Safety: Key Tips & Expert Insights

An old proverb states that a little stone may upset a large cart. Therefore, neglecting a single safety aspect of a bumper pull horse trailer is unacceptable. When safety is compromised, accidents are just waiting to happen. Seemingly insignificant factors such as incorrect tire pressure can result in injuries, liabilities, or repair bills. Did you […]

December 24, 2023
Find Your Perfect 2-Horse Bumper Pull Trailer (2024 Guide)

Many 2-horse bumper pull trailer owners have probably been faced with a serious dilemma: “to pull or not to pull”, so to speak. Buyers often wonder between 2-horse bumper pull trailers and goosenecks. Plenty of factors can narrow down this not-so-simple quandary.  If you’re on a budget and you’re certain you won’t have to haul […]

December 24, 2023
Buying the Perfect Bumper Pull Horse Trailer (A Complete Guide)

Purchasing a horse trailer is a decision that carries significant responsibility, often proving more intricate than initially anticipated. When you consider such an investment, it becomes paramount to recognize your precise needs, preferences, and overarching priorities: horse safety and well-being during transportation. You can only achieve them if you allow no compromises with your purchase.  […]

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