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Rear Tacks in Slant Loads, Be Aware

Unless your slant load horse trailer has been properly designed, it could be dangerous for you and your horse.

Remember the horse trailer manufacturing industry is unregulated... The goal is to cut cost and sell more trailers!

Imagine asking your horse, "Are you in love with the trailer I purchased for you?"  What would his answer be? Chances are, if your trailer has a rear tack, your horse may not be too happy. Why not?

Reasons Why Your Horse Might Not Like Your Slant Load Trailer

  1. On most bumper pull or gooseneck slant load horse trailers, your horse has to load in a narrow, confining door.
  2. Once you get him inside, your horse feels trapped.

Most entrance doors for humans are 32" in width and we weigh on average of 160 lbs. Now, your horse weighs 1,000 to 1,200 pounds and it much longer, wider, and taller than you are.  You are asking him to walk through a door on the back of your trailer that is normally about 3' wide?

Aahhh, you see the point now?

No wonder some horses look at you like you are crazy when trying to load them! If you stop and think about it, not only does your horse not like this, you shouldn't either.

When you try to walk in your horse and load the stall closest to the rear saddle compartment, it creates a huge trip and danger for you. Where do you go? How do you get out? What happens to the person who weighs 160 lbs against a 1,100 lb horse who is already not happy because you made him go somewhere he really doesn't want to be?  Nothing good, that's what.

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Collapsible Saddle Compartments Aren't the Answer Either

Most rear saddle compartments will collapse.  But who really wants to go through the trouble of removing the saddle racks, the pooper scooper and other accessories to collapse the walls?

Let's face it, what is the point in having a rear storage compartment if it has to be cleaned out each time you need to load a horse?

Double D Trailers figured this out a long time ago and that is why we invented the Safetack. The Safetack design is safe for you AND safe for your horse.

You never have to "clean it out" to get it out of the way.  You leave it loaded all the time which is the way a "storage compartment" should be.

Click here to watch a video of how the Safetack operates.

Safetack trailers by Double D are available in two horse bumper pulls up to a six horse slant load gooseneck. And if you need an affordable living quarter horse trailer, we have those as well.

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