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Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Accessories

Last updated January 3, 2024 by Brook Norris

When diving into the world of horse trailers, the vast array of customization options stands out. Horse trailer accessories, whether added during manufacturing or after purchase, amplify the trailer’s functionality and safety. Browsing this vast market is always exciting, but it can also be overwhelming for first-time horse trailer owners. 

A variety of bumper pull horse trailer accessories displayed together.

The available variety of custom, factory, and aftermarket horse trailer accessories is immense, and there are several types to discover depending on their primary purpose, as follows:

  • Uplifting Comfort for Horses and Riders: Ensuring a soothing journey.
  • Prioritizing Animal Welfare: Crafting a compassionate and secure environment.
  • Boosting Road Safety: A non-negotiable for every traveler.
  • Augmenting Usability and Practicality: Making every square inch count.
  • Reinforcing Longevity: Prolonging the trailer's life and performance.

As you consider the accessories that might best suit your needs, factors like compatibility, warranty, and budget come into play. While some manufacturers offer a vast spectrum of choices, others may offer a select few. But the beauty of these accessories lies in their adaptability—you can typically incorporate them even after purchasing the trailer.

Some of these features are must-haves because they can contribute to the safety and comfort of your horses tremendously. They can often be the difference between putting up with mediocre safety and comfort levels and enjoying a trouble-free, safe ride.

Unique Features of Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Bumper pull horse trailers are the most popular type for plenty of reasons: they’re more affordable than all other trailer types, they’re also easier and cheaper to maintain and can be pulled by almost any vehicle. Most times, a bumper horse trailer doesn’t require special licenses as well due to its lower weight. 

These aren’t the only differences, though. Compared to goosenecks, bumper pull models offer limited space for living quarters, tack and gear, or a dressing room. This is the reason that it's crucial to invest in space-saving accessories, such as wall grid organizers and roof-mounted hay racks. A notable example is the innovative SafeTack design by Double D Trailers, which maximizes storage without compromising safety.

Double D Trailers patented SafeTack design.

Tips for Selecting the Right Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Accessories

Equipping your trailer with a multitude of features might be tempting, but it's often more practical to prioritize based on specific needs. The goal is to identify accessories that genuinely enhance the trailer’s utility and safety.

• Ensure Proper Ventilation 

Always choose a model with powerful ventilation or have extra fans installed on your existing trailer if possible. This keeps the air in the horse area fresh.

• Prioritize Flooring

Check if the trailer you’re buying has non-slip floor mats or composite flooring: if not, choose either solution because it prevents slipping and provides a firm grip for horses’ hooves.

• Insulate and Pad

Pay extra for wall and roof insulation, as well as for interior padding if the manufacturer offers such options, or have your trailer’s interior redone to help horses cope with the heat and prevent them from bruises.

• Reinforce Dividers 

Have better or additional dividers installed and ensure they secure the horse well without creating a confined space or posing a risk of injury.

• Opt for Extra Lighting 

A well-lit interior can help horses feel calmer and enhance loading and unloading when it’s dark outside.

• Equip for Extended Travel 

Depending on the average length of your journeys, you may need to add extra water tanks, a hay bale rack, an auxiliary battery, and solar panels, thus enhancing the autonomy of the trailer. 

• Maximize Storage 

Consider the amount of tack and gear you’ll need, and think about all the nifty accessories you can add to your horse trailer, such as tack racks, and hooks, saddle holders, and storage caddies inside the horse area. 

• Safety First 

To increase safety drastically, add a full set of horse trailer accessories: spare wheel, hydraulic or electric jack, a breakaway system, extra trailer ties, and cameras inside the horse area.

Interior Accessories to Consider For Your Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

When it comes to upgrading the interior of a bumper pull horse trailer, the sheer volume of accessories available can be overwhelming. Knowing the function and application of each accessory can guide your choices, ensuring that you only invest in the essentials that genuinely enhance the comfort and safety of your horses, rather than unnecessary gadgets.

Roof-Mounted Ventilation Fans

Every horse trailer features air vents, but not all of them boast additional fans. Adding powerful enough ventilation fans can improve the climate comfort inside the horse area drastically by extracting the hot and dense air. 

Horse Stall Mats and Padding

Many horse trailers still leave the assembly line with a bare aluminum floor, which could be a problem. It’s slippery, heavy horses can easily bend it, not to mention that this material corrodes because of horse urine and other impurities. A wooden floor can fix this to a good extent, and so can floor mats. To avoid constantly removing the latter for cleaning, you can simply opt for Rumber flooring: a composite, durable, and non-slip material that’s easy to maintain.

Head Dividers, Chest Bars, and Butt Bars

While most bumper pull horse trailers come with factory-installed dividers inside the horse area, they can often turn out to be flimsy or not practical enough. What you need is a set of sturdy dividers that prevent horses from getting injured. Make sure the head dividers allow enough movement without isolating the horse too much. Horses don’t like to be blocked inside a compartment with solid walls, so all dividers must provide a sense of space. 

Feed Bags and Hay Racks and Nets

If you spend a lot of time on the road with your horses, your trailer must provide proper accommodation, and this includes having enough food. If there’s a space inside the trailer, you can add hay nets, but there’s also a roof-mounted hay rack accessible by a ladder, which can be a good solution for long journeys.

The inside of a Double D bumper pull horse trailer showcasing ventilation fans, mats, and dividers.

Double D Trailers interior horse area features the SafeKick® Wall System, SafeBump® Roof System, Rumber flooring, and Z-Frame® dividers.

Storage and Organization Accessories

For many bumper pull horse trailer owners, the consistent challenge lies in optimizing limited storage space. Thankfully, with a range of inventive storage and organization accessories available, you can transform the way you utilize and manage your trailer's interior.

Tack Racks and Hooks

These basic accessories allow you to arrange your horse tack in a way that makes it easily accessible and neatly arranged. Tack racks and hooks are simple additions, but they help you avoid making a mess inside the storage space.

Saddle Racks and Holders

You should transport horse saddles separately to keep them pristine, meaning that you need a clever way to store them. This is where saddle racks and holders come in handy. They solve two problems at once: keeping your saddles intact and freeing more space for other gear in the storage compartment. 

Portable Storage Solutions

Even bigger bumper pull horse trailers can benefit from all the storage hacks they can get. Therefore, think about installing portable storage solutions. Wall grid organizers, portable caddies, and other similar solutions are among the most affordable, yet convenient bumper pull horse trailer accessories that you can add or remove anytime you want. 


The patented SafeTack design, exclusive to Double D Trailers, is the pinnacle of storage and organization accessories for bumper pull horse trailers (and for goosenecks, too). The system offers a brilliant solution to a long-lasting problem: limited access through the rear loading ramp of the trailer. The SafeTack rear-mounted swing-out tack compartment optimizes the interior space of the trailer and allows full access through the rear access/exit point of the trailer.


SafeTack design

The SafeTack storage system enhances rear loading ramp access while ensuring safety - perfect for any horse trailer model, especially small-sized bumper pulls with limited space.

Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Maintenance and Service Accessories

Regular inspections are extremely important for your bumper pull horse trailer’s mechanical state, safety, and lifespan. Several essential accessories and equipment can help facilitate routine checks and servicing.

Tire Pressure Gauges

Tires provide the only contact surface between the road and your trailer. Therefore, they need to be right-sized, properly inflated, and with sufficient tread. Having a tire pressure gauge will help you monitor the trailer’s tires before and during every trip.

Tire pressure gauge for bumper pull horse trailer maintenance


Spare Tire and Jacks

Having a spare tire (or two of them, if possible) is essential, but it would be useless without a hydraulic or an electric jack to lift the rig up when you need to. Also, consider adding a trailer jack for extra support during events. This accessory provides extra stability for your trailer when parked during an event.

Trailer Covers for Protection

Investing in a bumper pull horse trailer cover is a very good idea if you can’t store the rig indoors. The cover will protect it from the elements and thus prolong its lifespan significantly by slowing down the aging of all its external components.

GOLDLINE Brand Horse Trailer Cover

Hitching and Towing Parts Accessories

Any horse trailer hitch is defined by its stability, maneuverability, and safety in general. Your tow vehicle and horse trailer need to be compatible with one another, and the same goes for the trailer coupling mechanism. It must be adequately sized, depending on the trailer’s GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) and tongue weight. 

Trailer Hitches, Balls, and Ball Mounts

Trailer or hitch balls are part of the trailer hitch accessories you need to tow your rig. If you have yet to install a trailer hitch to your vehicle intending to pull your new horse trailer, you need to opt for a system with an adjustable ball mount and a removable ball instead of getting one with a ball welded to the mount. This will add versatility to the equation and allow you to install balls of different sizes when needed.

CURT Brand Adjustable Ball Mount

Hitch Locks for Security

Getting a hitch lock is important if you want to prevent theft. You can mount one of these simple yet effective (and affordable) devices and thus prevent someone from hitching your trailer and driving away with it.

Sway Control Bars

Bumper pull horse trailers can sometimes sway from side to side, making them hard or impossible to control. To avoid such dangerous fishtailing, you should consider adding sway bars to your rig. The best option by far is active sway control systems: they prevent swaying instead of trying to cope with it.

Sway control bars for bumper pull horse trailers.

Safety Chains and Pins

The safety of the connection between the tow vehicle and the bumper pull horse trailer needs to be guaranteed in case the coupling mechanism fails. This is the function of the safety chains and pins. In case the trailer disconnects from the ball, the chains keep the rig attached to the tow vehicle, thus preventing an accident.  

Safety and Emergency Must-Have Accessories for Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Ensuring the safety of both horses and humans is paramount when traveling. Being equipped for unexpected emergencies can make all the difference. Below are crucial safety and emergency accessories every bumper pull horse trailer owner should consider.

First Aid Kits for Horses and Humans

A fully loaded first aid kit for both horses and humans is essential to have. It’s more than just a horse trailer accessory, as it could be a life-saving addition to the gear you have on board. The contents of the first aid kit include emergency blankets, medical tape and bandages, scissors, and more. Most of the items must be renewed every once in a while, according to their expiration date.

Fire Extinguishers

Your horse trailer should feature at least one fire extinguisher for extra safety. It should be mounted securely to prevent sliding out, and it should always be located where it’s easily reachable in case of fire.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Kits

Adding a set of emergency assistance tools could come in handy in case you are left stranded on the side of the road. A typical emergency roadside assistance kit should include a warning triangle, electrical and duct tape, basic tools, work gloves, wheel chocks, jumper cables, extra ropes and tow straps, and more.

Reflective Decals and Tape

Adding vinyl decorations to your horse trailer can change its appeal, but it could also improve its safety as well. Reflective vinyl decals and tape stripes enhance visibility during the night and thus prevent accidents. Most horse trailer manufacturers offer such accessories, and you can always add similar custom touches to your existing trailer as well. 

 A Double D bumper pull horse trailer with red reflective decals for enhanced visibility on the road.

Red reflective decals enhance visibility on the road.

Elevate Your Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Experience with Essential Accessories

Remember, while it's tempting to focus on luxury and comfort, prioritizing safety accessories can be the difference between a smooth journey and a potential crisis. Always ensure you're well-prepared for any occurrence by opting for essential accessories with your bumper pull horse trailer. 

Learn more about horse trailer safety by keeping in touch with the Double D Trailers team.

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