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The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition - Canada

Raising public awareness, providing education and working to enact legislation...

“Since the dawn of recorded history, the horse has been an inspiration to humankind. Artists have worked to capture his elegant beauty on canvas and sculpted in bronze…great writers have told stories of his nobility, intelligence, and personality.  Throughout the ages, we have seen evidence of the human spirit yearning to connect with the spirit of the horse.

When we tamed him, it seemed as if he permitted us to be his companion, to experience all sides of his remarkable nature. When we bridled him, we felt the awesome power beneath us and strove to control his strength and his speed. He was truly ‘king of the wind’…and we celebrated the sharing of flight without wings.”

These are the beliefs that drive The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, a group whose mission is to bring together like-minded individuals in an effort to protect Canadian equines from domestic slaughter, as well as transport for slaughter abroad. They strive to accomplish this goal through raising public awareness, providing education and working to enact legislation that will ban these practices.

“We welcome the support of organizations and individuals throughout the world who believe that horses, having shared our walk from “barbarism to civilization”, deserve a special place in modern culture,” says Executive Director, Sinikka Crosland. “There is no such thing as the “humane” slaughter of an intelligent, sentient mammal such as the horse. This is simply a fallacy perpetuated by an industry that exists for one reason: profit,” Sinikka explains.

Canadian Horse Defence CoalitionPoor handling and management of horses during loading and transport, at auction, and in feedlots is a serious animal welfare issue, yet it’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is significant evidence describing the trauma experienced by horses throughout the process. From the psychological distress while approaching the killing box, to the inhumane suffering associated with stunning and shooting practices. The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition works tirelessly to bring to task those perpetuating this vicious enterprise.

The coalition provides a wide variety of educational tools, including an article database and statistical and legislative information. They also provide a list of reputable equine rescues for those looking to adopt a horse that has been saved from slaughter or neglect.

The CHDC also acts as an ally to these animals by enacting investigations into questionable practices and locations, as well as working with authorities against these entities. Reports and documentation can be found in the Investigations portion of the website.

Please use the information below and view their extensive materials to learn about the horse slaughter industry and those that are desperately trying to make a change. You can also contribute by making donations, purchasing items from their store or getting involved on a local level through letters and petitions. “Dying in terror, not with dignity, is the fate of tens of thousands of Canadian horses every year,” says Sinikka. “Help us lead Canada’s horses away from barbarism and into the protected pastures of a civilized nation.”

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The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

Orangeville, Ontario, Canada



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