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Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance - Wingate, North Carolina

“If you need help.... PLEASE ASK.”

While working as the regional director of an equine rescue, Darlene Kindle always considered opening her own. However, it took a combination of loss and generosity to get there. After the unexpected loss of a friend, Darlene was contacted by the woman’s husband, who requested that donations be made in his wife’s name to a local rescue. This act of kindness started the journey that would ultimately become CERA.

Darlene’s dream encompassed more than rescuing horses in need. She wanted to create someplace that she says, “not only works with local law enforcement and countless other rescue organizations in seizures and surrenders, but one that helps educate owners on how to properly care for their animals and avoid unlawful neglect.”  CERA accepts horses of all breeds and ages, providing food, shelter and care to set them up for a long, healthy life.

Owners can come to CERA for education, but they can also apply for assistance when the going gets tough in the form of grants. CERA evaluates applications on a case by case basis and allocates funds/supplies as best as possible. The staff also networks with various individuals and organizations to serve as a resource for those trying to rehome their animals, whether it’s horses, dogs, cats or other farm animals. As Darleen states, “If you need help.... PLEASE ASK.”

While every horse saved is an incredible success, some serve as true inspiration. Hope’s Promise is one such horse. In October 2015, Darleen received a message about a 3-5 year old, severely emaciated horse going to auction in November. Unable to acquire her directly, Darleen decided she would do whatever it took to get this horse at auction. She won and was escorted to pick up her new horse. What she found was heartbreaking. The horse was skin and bones, had rotting teeth and a look in her eyes that Darleen describes as “wanting to die, she had no will left to survive.” Once Hope was seen by the vet they learned she was in fact 18 years old. This led them to believe she had been dumped merely because she was getting older, but Hope still had a life to live. Soon after her arrival, Hope forged an odd friendship with George, the resident goat, and the two were inseparable. “They slept in the same stall at night and both would scream if the other was out of sight,” recalls Darleen.

With the help of her friends, Hope made a miraculous recovery and when it was time, Darleen knew she needed a very special home. She contacted Wings of Eagles Ranch, a therapeutic horseback riding center, and told them Hope’s story. Hope passed her tests and now goes to work every day to help children and adults with disabilities. “Hope beat all the odds, she is happy and healthy, she never lost her will to live,” says Darleen.

Use the information below to learn how you can volunteer, donate funds or supplies, sponsor a horse, or purchase any of the unique items in their gift store.  All assistance helps build a better future for the horses at CERA.

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Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance

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