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Coachella Valley Horse Rescue - Indio, California

Too Much Work, Too Few Hands: Perseverance in the Desert Heat

CVHR logoThe full story behind the formation of the Coachella Valley Horse Rescue is long and fascinating. After CVHR Rescue Director Annette Garcia and her companions noticed a growing need for help in their Indio, California community, it was a generous donation from Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres that finally got them onto their feet.  This allowed them to improve horse facilities on otherwise useless land so they could continue their rescue work.

Horses in this community need to deal with temperatures that can reach 124 degrees with little natural shade and limited cool drinking water.  CVHR workers have noticed that many citizens of their community are ill equipped to help their animals survive these conditions.  Many horses were being left to suffer, abandoned, or sold to slaughter buyers for shipment to Mexico and Canada.

After CVHR was started in 2008, they began to take in horses suffering from infections, protruding ribs, scars, overgrown hooves, and a severe distrust of humans.  Luckily, a team of eager volunteers were ready to step forward and help these animals learn how to be happy horses once again.  CVHR, formly known as the Coachella Valley Mounted Rangers, has been located in Indio, California for more than 50 years. 

When they first started the rescue, they did not have hay barns, arenas, lights, buildings, trees, bathrooms, or even running water.  Thanks to the generous donation from Portia and Ellen, along with other public donations they were able to install structures, created artificial shade areas, plant trees, post light poles, and start their rescue work.

Volunteers at the rescue help the horses heal in both body and mind before they are adopted out to new and loving homes.  In addition, the organization hosts education events for local youth groups like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Desert Recreation District.  Their sweet and loving miniature horses are available for community events to help build confidence in those are are intimidated by larger horses.  They enjoy participating in local events for Special Needs children and adults.

Annette Garcia stressed, “We don’t want to be a rescue that needs to be rescued.”  The amount of work at CVHR can be overwhelming at times and despite their team of volunteers and board members, there is often too much work and too few hands.  The costs of running the rescue are great and the organization is constantly in need of more donations to cover the costs of feed, hay, hoof care, supplements, and veterinary care for the horses.  They would like to acquire a 4 horse stock trailer for use in transporting new animals to the ranch.  If you would like to get involved, please contact CVHR using the information provided below. 

Get Involved:

Coachella Valley Horse Rescue | 760-808-6279


Location:  Indio, California

Donate:  PO Box 809| Indio | CA. 92202

Horse Trailer:  NEEDED (4 horse stock trailer without ramp)

If you are interested in loaning or donating your horse trailer to this particular organization, then check out details of our Horse Trailer Donation and Sharing Program here.  Then, post your comments below to help out!

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