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Horse Rescues in Colorado

Colorado Horse Education and Equine Rescue (C.H.E.E.R.) - Brighton, Colorado

"The stories we hold in our hearts, don't always have a happy ending...but we always do what is best for the magnificent horses we care for." (Amber Davis)

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Far View Horse Rescue - Fairplay, Colorado

A vibrant volunteer and education program at the Far View Horse Rescues serves as the heart and soul of this program.

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Front Range Equine Rescue - Fort Collins, CO

All of Front Range Equine Rescue’s horses owe their lives to a horse named Dancer. “Because of Dancer I realized other horses were in bad to even worse shape and needed help."

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Mountain Valley Horse Rescue - Eagle, Colorado

This horse rescue is half way to their $2 million goal so they can buy a permanent farm. Learn about their equine therapy and rescue program!

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Spring Creek Horse Rescue - Durango, Colorado

The Spring Creek Horse Rescue is celebrating 40 years of work! "Some of our incoming horses are in such bad shape when we get them that the change we see, with a little love, care, feed, and water, is AMAZING!"

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