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Crosswinds Equine Rescue – Sidell, Illinois

A Rescue That Helped a Blind Horse See with Echo-Location

Crosswinds Equine Rescue, located in East Central Illinois, specializes in retraining neglected and starving horses. As a horse rescue that accepts only owner surrenders, they work closely with owners, adopters, and volunteers to make not only the horse’s life better, but also to make a difference in people’s lives.

The horses at Crosswinds receive extensive veterinary care and a special diet based on their needs. After they heal and regain their strength, they begin the retraining process. The horse’s skills are evaluated, with the goal of finding their natural talent and interest. This allows the staff at Crosswinds to search for a career and home that’s the perfect fit for the horse.

Horses at Crosswinds benefit from the herd lifestyle and 40-acre main pasture, and especially the individualized care they receive. Because Crosswinds is a small facility, they only accept horses they believe they can help significantly – through training, support, and rehoming.

In a recent interview, Crosswinds told us of one such horse, named Solstice, who has been blind for several years. (See photo above.)  However, through working with Jordy Candid Inc, they helped develop a Blindsight-E unit that allows Solstice to “see,” by visualizing his world through echolocation. Now, Solstice can walk confidently and step over or go around objects that are in his way, instead of bumping into them. Solstice was the first horse in the world to use this amazing technology, and now, this product is available for other horses as well.

Crosswinds is using technology and special care to change the lives of horses like Solstice, but they don’t just stop there. We were told Crosswinds “has been built as much on making a difference in people’s lives as in the horses.” They do this by helping owners in need of surrendering, adopters looking for a new horse companion, and volunteers and visitors that help on their rescue.

Their greatest successes are the stories of people their rescue has touched. For instance:

“We had a 6-year-old girl referred to us because she was nonverbal after seeing her family murdered in her apartment 6 months earlier. Medical care was making no progress in returning her speech. We introduced her to a horse named Miata, and said “he was in a trailer accident where his owner died. He went from bad home to worse until he came here. He’s recovering now.” On her second visit, she poured Miata’s grain, looked into his face, and said, “It’ll be ok. They’ll find you a good home like I have now.” She proceeded to tell her story – the first words her foster family ever heard her say.”

The little girl’s foster family will forever be grateful for Miata and Crosswinds for helping heal their little girl. Stories like these are made possible through the hard work and dedication of workers and volunteers at Crosswinds, who care deeply about both the rescue horses, and the people as well.

To donate to help support horses at Crosswinds Equine Rescue, check out their information below:

Crosswinds Equine Rescue

Sidell, IL



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